July 3, 2010

Cooking My Panties Off

Holidays are fantastic, they are fun, you get to spend time with family and friends, drink a few drinks, play some games, laugh together, that is unless you are the one who has to cook or bake.  I had to take a break from baking, I am so tired of being picked every year to make the dessert portion of the picnic for the 4th of July.  Plus it’s hot already outside, and my AC is not working properly.  If it wasn’t for the mere fact of I may get burned in places nobody should even be touched, I would be baking naked.  PLUS, yes there is more, PLUS I get to cook this year too, it’s my turn to work the grill.  I wonder if it’s too late to find someone with the flu and become infected. Ella 1-888-430-2010
July 3, 2010

4th Of July Diaper Cake

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is a huge party weekend. I hope all of you out there have one heck of a holiday party to attend. My husband and myself are doing the family thing. Which is good, but there are always some family you really hope do not show up, but they always manage to. I saw that diaper cake above and thought of all you. They make one for little girls too. I wonder what my family would do if I were to bring that to the picnic instead of potato salad. Happy 4th! Mommy Sue 1-888-430-2010
May 22, 2010

Summer Time Snacks

Treats are a good thing. Especially on a hot hot day. I remember when I was little my Mom would make her own ice pops. And man they sucked. My Mom didn’t believe in the use of sugar, or flavor actually, everything tasted the same, and her ice pops? Tasted like ice cubes that just happened to be in various colors. Now my dad on the other hand, his stuff was magical. It had FLAVOR! He would make these incredible yogurt and fruit pops every year for the Fourth of July. We had to wait a whole year to get a decent snack, it was something we would look forward to. It was like Christmas. Since I have become an adult and have learned that it’s actually okay for your food to taste a lot better then newspaper, I make my own snacks for hot days. No matter how many times I make them and enjoy them, I always think back to my Mom and her frozen ice blob pops. Sue 1-888-430-2010
April 30, 2010


As we all know we have these footprints that we leave wherever we go.Sometimes we get them over floors sidewalks around the pool we get out of the water and our feet are still wet. But for me the cutest footprints are made from a small child that has been outside on a rainy day and they walk over that kitchen floor that you have just mopped.To see the look of ut ho in their eyes like i am going to get it now so they try as hard as they can to cover it up whats funny is to watch them bent over the floor trying to clean up those muddy prints and their little diapered bottoms peeking out. Lily
March 21, 2010

All Dressed Up And No Where To Go

Looks like someone has been very very bad.  Having to have their little clitty under lock and key.  A sweet little sissy jail cell.  I do adore the bow, if you are going to have your sissy bits locked up they might as well look pretty.  Do you not agree?  I wonder what they did to deserve this sort of punishment.  I cannot say that I do not agree with this sort of punishment if the little one was caught doing something bad when they thought their Care Taker was not looking. Liz 1-888-430-2010
January 23, 2010

Pretty Things

What do you consider pretty? It might be the way a rain drop clings to a window, or a spider web.  It might be a sunset, the colors touching mountains in the distance.  It may be the way a woman smiles at you, or a man.  What ever it is, we all see beauty differently and in different things.   I see beauty in simple things, the way a flower opens, how it looks placed in an arrangement together to make one perfect bouquet. Liz 1-888430-2010
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