October 27, 2013

Naughty Tinkle Play

Sometimes I like to open my diaper when daddy isn’t around and go tinkle in it so I can watch. I have to be really sneaky though, because it always ends up being a big mess and daddy gets mad. See, I hold my tinkle for as long as I can so then when daddy puts me in a new diaper before nap time, I have a nice long time to spend playing with my diaper. Once daddy walks out, I sit up on my elbows and I pull the tabs on my diaper to open it up. Everything’s still fresh and dry… hehe! Then I start to let it drip out slow, so I can feel it running down my lips and pooling in my diaper. I tinkle in my diaper in little droplets, and some times big long streams, till alllll my tinkle is out. This is where it gets messy! I love to squish my diaper and make the tinkle all come out so it can soak back in…. but usually that’s when it gets all over the bed. I pull the front of my diaper up against me and squish it between my lips and let it drip all over me! Then when daddy comes back to check on my after my nap, I can tell him I just did it while I was sleeping, and I didn’t mean to open my diaper, hehehehe! Love, Lacy 888-430-2010  
March 4, 2012

Tinkle Princess ~ Diapered Mandy

    They call me the Tinkle Princess, cause I am always having to tinkle. It doesn’t take much for me to tinkle in my panties. One reason why Older men like to keep this little Princess in Adult Diapers. Friends are always coming up from behind me, scaring me or tickling me so that I a tinkle accident! They know I don’t have much bladder control so for guys who love chicks that tinkle they love to do get me giggling. Whether they tickle me or make me laugh from their witty personality, they know their efforts will be rewarded! I have one guy friend that likes to pull my skirt up and see as it dribbles down my inner thighs. Others like to keep me diapered and will tickle me and keep me laughing for hours until I have completely drenched my diaper! Tinkle Princess Diapered Mandy, 1_888_430_2010
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