September 1, 2010


I’m not talking about your bread folks, I am talking about toasting butts! Sometimes it’s the quickest way to get a naughty aby’s attention. Yep, sometimes I just have to force their pants down and toss them over my knee for a good hard spanking. I am sure all of you have had that happen at least one day in your life, and it probably got your attention really swift like didn’t it? So if you don’t want your buns toasted then you need to be on your very best aby behavior. Mommy Lexus
August 15, 2010

Bring on the Clown

When you were a kid one of your favorite times was your birthday. Around my house you were king for the day. You could expect presents, and cake with ice cream, balloons and my personal favorite the clown. He would make you laugh with his silly antics and make up those cool balloon toys. That is something I miss now that I am getting older you don’t get all that cool stuff unless pay for it yourself. Oh well if yours is coming up soon don’t forget to invite me and the clowns. Louie
August 6, 2010

What It’s About

Life is full of stress and disappointments but there is one thing that is sure to make it all go away if not just for a little while. That time is when I get to play daddy. How much of a release it is to change those diapers for the abies and play dress up with the sissies. All the cares and worries of the day seem to melt away. I am sure it also does the same for you when you share your fantasy with me or the mommies. So if you start getting that stressed out feeling do us both a favor and lets get unstressed together. Daddy Paul
May 7, 2010

bad aby punishment

Have any of you abies played with Miss aby Lacy? If you have then you know she can be sassy and to be quite blunt a trouble maker. Now I love Lacy to pieces, but as a Mommy she gets sent to me for spankings and punishments a lot more than the other babies. One of her phone daddies called and did a 2 girl call with his darling Lacy and I and said “Help Mommy Lexus”. By the end of that call she was whimpering about how mean I was that she didn’t like her diapers with what I made her put in them. She straightened up though. So I guess what needed to be done was good Lacy, all of the mommies are watching you now doll face. Mommy Lexus
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