May 27, 2013

Sitter Cali

Since I started practicing babysitting with Cousin Jenna I’ve had a lot more practice and guess what – I’m getting pretty good at it! See, I learned a lotta stuff about babysitting from Jenna. Like when you babysit and ABy, all you have to do is be really nice to his parents and then as soon as they leave you make him do whatever you want him to. Like just the other day I had to watch ABy Tommy and as soon as his Mommy left, I got right on the couch and put my feet up and told Tommy we were gonna play a game called “Do whatever I tell you to do, OR ELSE” hahahaa!! He didn’t seem to like the game very much, but he was afraid of the “OR ELSE” part haha, so he went along with it just fine. He gave me a pedicure, did all the cleaning his Mommy asked me to do, and he served me pink lemonade alllllll day! I think I can get used to this kind of babysitting! Next time I think I’ll make Tommy try some new games. A couple that I’ve been thinking about are “What can we fit up there?”  and “How much can you swallow?” Don’t those sound like fun? I’m sure I can think of lots more fun games to hahaha… kissies, Cali 888-430-2010  
April 7, 2013

Fill it up!

  Adult babies are so silly sometimes! Always putting up a big fuss when they have to be diapered. Kicking and crying and hollering about how they don’t need diapers. Silly ABy, how come you went peepee in your pants if you don’t need a diaper?! But that’s not even the best part. The best part is once I’ve got him all powdered and diapered his pathetic little face is priceless. All full of shame and humiliation, but not just ‘cause he’s in a diaper, because he LIKES it! Hehehehee!! Even though he keeps whining and complaining, I can tell from the way he keeps wiggling around that he just looooves the feeling of that soft cottony diaper rubbing up against him. The more he wiggles and squirms the clearer it gets… he has to go potty! He whines and begs for me to let him out of his diapy so he can use the big boy potty. Hehehe, but I know, I know what he really wants to do… he wants to fill that diaper up! I love egging him on while he sobs, “Go on wittle babie, fill your diapy! Go poopys in your diapy!!” His face all bright red and crying he pushes a nice big load into his diaper. You know what comes next, don’t ya? Go squishy squishy in that poopy diaper!!! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010  
February 14, 2013

Bratty Princess Jenna

  Let’s just get one thing straight – I am a Bratty Princess and you are all just living in my world! All you stupid sissies, adult babies, and LOSERS who call themselves men, are here for one reason and one reason only, to SERVE ME!! Now that we got all that straight, it’ll be easy for you to understand that I don’t do any kinda work. Nothin, not a thing. You all are here to do everything for your sexy little Princess, right? So let’s start with cleaning. My whole house. Every little bitty inch. And you don’t think that I’m gonna let you go around my house in your stupid clothes do you?? Of course not, you’re my sissy maid, and my sissy maid wears exactly what I tell her to. An adorable little sissy maid outfit. See, you look about a gajillion times better like that! Who did you think you were fooling in your “masculine” clothes?? Everyone knows what SISSY LOSER you are, and now they can all see the truth with their own eyes! Well you better hurry up and get started. All this stuff isn’t gonna get done itself! And if you even think about trying to sneak a pair of my sexy little panties, I’ll make you regret for the rest of your loser life! I’ll just be sitting here, painting my toenails and eating cupcakes like a Bratty Princess does! PRINCESS Jenna 1.888.430.2010  
January 19, 2011

You’re in Trouble!!!!

  Oh man, you did it now, you mama’s abie! What is she gona think of this? Ha, you namby-pamby you are not getting away with it this time! Oh no, no siree bob! I am telling for sure! Like, OMG you really think I am going to keep your secret! Why? Why should I? Huh? Huh? *laughs hysterically* OMG you look ridiculous! Hahahaha! No way, lily liver, hahaha! Give me a good reason not to tell on you. *taps foot* I’m waiting…..I cant hear you……What was that? You will what for me? Huh? Oh, you will what? Really? You are such a Bigbaby! hahaha! Teasing Princess Mandy 1 888 430 2010
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