June 28, 2014

A Special Lollipop

My abie has been an all right boy, a little trouble this weekend that just passed but over all good. So I took him to get a new stuffed animal and some candy. Candy is extremely limited in mommy’s house. So once we got home he wanted to share his lollipop with mommy. I thought how sweet, and then I found a way to tease my poor abie in his chastity device. Long slow licks while looking into his eyes. His eyes widened and I could tell he was feeling confined in his chastity device. I smiled at him, handed him his lolli back and went back to what I was doing. The sounds of whimpers echoed as I walked off, hehehe. Who knew a lollipop could be so much fun?   Scarlet 1.888.430.2010 YIM: phonemommyscarlet  
May 3, 2014

Special Playtime

Tell me, have you been a good boy today? I hope you have because I’m here to look after you tonight, and I expect you to be on your best behavior and do everything I tell you. Now things might get a little rough but you still have to listen to me, understand? Now be a good boy and put on your pjs. We are going to have a little playtime before bed. You love playing with a hot Nanny like me don’t you? Well, I see that your butt cheeks aren’t red at all are they? That means my previous marks have faded and it’s time for a new spanking session.  You know I love to make you pull those pajama pants down and bend over while I give you a good, hard spanking. After all, no matter what you may say, I know that you’ve been a naughty boy. Of course, while I’m spanking you, I might decide to play with that cute bottom of yours for a while. I do love feeling you squirm as I stick my fingers up your tight little hiney. And unbeknownst to you, I’ve brought along some toys for our playtime tonight. First however, I want to tease you a bit. So I pull up your pajama bottoms and tuck you into bed, all ready to read you a story. And as I do, you feel my hand slide underneath the covers and tug on that peepee of yours. As I slowly read the book, you can barely contain yourself. I am stroking your widdle weewee fast and hard one minute, then light and slow the next. You are being brought to the edge over and over and yet I refuse to let you have you little squirties, my voice never changing as I continue on with the story. Now that I have you all worked up, you’re willing to do anything I want. This of course, is exactly the way I like it.  I excuse myself for a moment and get my bag of toys, telling you to take those pajama pants off. You do as you are told although I can tell that you are nervous. Your eyes widen as I pull out some lube and a very large dildo. I pull off my skirt to reveal a leather harness underneath. Yes, I came prepared. Yes, I think it’s time for some strap on play before I tuck you in. I love to fuck boys like you and as you lie face down I can’t help but get excited at the thought of reaming that pucker hole of yours. I lube you up and shove that dildo right up your primed bottom – foreplay be damned! I piston into you over and over; hard, unrelenting, pushing your endurance beyond anything you ever thought possible. You moan into the pillow, your peepee rubbing against the sheets. I take what’s left of your innocence from you, penetrating you deep as your pleas […]
January 28, 2011

No you may not stroke that Cock!

  You want to I know, but you haven’t been given permission yet now have you? Oh, there is a pounding in your head, a longing to reach that hand down inside that diaper, just aching to give it a quick jerk! *slap slap* You must refrain little man, you must only touch it upon my instruction. Tehehehe. Is it throbbing Hahaha! And it will continue to throb until you call and then maybe just maybe ….I’ll let you give it a little squeeze. Hehe Sara 1 888 430 2010
August 29, 2009

Abie Sitting

Hello my little sweeties, Samantha here! I had such a fun night last night *smirks* I just had to get on here and tell you all about it. I got a call from one of my parents friends last night, they had to go out unexpectedly and needed some one to watch their son, they couldn’t just leave him home alone after all he had apparently been a very bad abie boy. When I arrived at the house they told me all of what I needed for him was in the hall closet and he was waiting in the living then out the door they went. I walked into the living and to my surprise there sat the sweetest looking little abie ever, I couldn’t imagine that he had been a bad wittle abie at all! I sat down next to him and he moved right over and sat on my lap, what a sweetie! Since he was being such a good cuddley thing I decided he deserved alittle goodie, so I dug in my big bag of tricks, oh you know the one *winks*, and pulled out a little package of cookies and fed him every last one, he was such a messy abie when he was done I had to wipe him all down and give him a bubble bath!! When bath time was all over that’s when he started acting up and you know I do not take back talk or bad whiney abies! I took him and bent him over my knee and smacked his bottom good and hard until it was pink and he cried like a little girly. Once he had learned his lesson I put him in a fresh diaper and laid him down for bed. Hehe I’d go into more details but I have to run for a class, but if you want to hear more about it later give me call, ok? XOXOXO, Samantha
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