May 1, 2011

Diaper Punishment

  So normally I punish my adult diaper wearing abies and sissies with keeping them in their diapers  but I think I might try a new twist when it comes to punishing you diaper lovers.  I am thinking that refusing to diaper you might get your attention, having you pleading and begging me for mercy. Maybe by threatening to dump all the un-used diapers in the diaper pal, you might prompt you to be more willing to behave. Ya think?   Mizz Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402  
May 16, 2010

ABDL Discipline ~ Not in My Class!

While many of my students obey me, there are those few that think they are much more amusing and feel the attention of the class belongs on them. I have taught for many years now, so this behavior I expect and I know at the start of each year just who will be the needy ones, the attention getters, and the class clowns. What they don’t know is that I’m not like the teachers they have had in the past. My strategies in getting them to submit to me quickly can be quit grueling to say the least. My methods are not made up of the writing on the chalk board or wearing the Dunce hat, although I have used them from time to time,  these expected measures just don’t get the results quickly enough. For instance, I might have a disobedient student engage in spankings not by me but by their peers. This one always works wonders, for my students biggest agenda is acceptance, and being spanked bare bottom by their peers is just degrading! Of course I can not reveal all my secrets here. Are you wishing to be mortified? Mizz Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
October 16, 2009

Are You Hot 4 Teacher?

I’ve got a naughty little fantasy on my mind today and I can’t wait for one of my pupils to misbehave so that I can play it out with him!  The first one to step out of line is going to be kept after class for detention and the ONLY way you are going to be allowed to go is by showing me that you can follow orders.  You know what that means, don’t you?  You’re here to serve and cater to me now.  Think you can satisfy me?  Think you can convince me to let you go?  Maybe I will convince you to stay…. Ava
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