May 12, 2013

Sex Ed Teacher Ava

Sex Ed teacher phone sex with caller X.  I’m the sexy long legged big breasted red head, sex ed teacher. School wasn’t as fun without me was it? Health was just a boring class consisting of hormonal teenagers and overused textbooks. Well today something seems different. You’re sitting in your desk, the other students carelessly waiting for class to begin. You lay your head down when the class turns completely silent. You look up and standing in the doorway just happens to be your greatest fantasy come true. Tall, long legs, burgundy hair, the tips ending right at a pair of ginormous breasts. You almost wonder how she even got into the school dressed like that. “Hello class, I’m Miss Ava. I am going to be your new health teacher.” You listen to her go on about the lesson plan but all you can think about is stuffing your face between those glorious mounds. Night after night you’d blow your load to red headed porn stars and now it looks like one just happens to be your teacher. It’s only when she puts her hand on your leg, is when you come out of your daze. Her fingers discreetly run up to the hard on in your pants. Without even caring she begins to grasp it and lean down to whisper in your ear. “I’d like to see you after class.” You definitely know you’ll be getting A’s in Health now.  Call Ms. Ava for your teacher fantasy phone sex. Ava 888*430*2010
August 22, 2012

Miss veronika’s Sexy teacher roleplay

Miss veronika’s sexy teacher roleplay was with a very sexy student we will call her Karina. Little Miss Karina my diapered little one  did not have her homework done when she came to class today, I walked over to her in my low cut top and started to glare at her and took my ruler out and tapped it down on her desk several times very loud and very intimidating. She looked at me and squirmed in her seat while licking her lips in anticipation of  me getting very naughty with her. Karina know’s just what I am  going to do next I take her hands and lead her up to the desk I am sitting on she is  my naughty little diapergirl. what could of kept her from doing her assignment or did she not do it just to get her behavior corrected to day by her extremely sexy teacher. I start to pull her on to my knee and I slip my hand under her skirt and flip it up so her cushie white bambino diaper is showing and then I give her some nice hard swats to her bottom with the ruler I have. “You will not forget your homework again will you, answer Miss Veronika right now or you will get some more spankings!” Her small breasts are heaving with nervous energy and she starts to whimper”Yes..No I mean no Miss Veronika I won’t. I will be a good diaper girl for you.”  I look down into her pretty blue eyes and I tip her chin up and plant a small kiss on her red cheek and say” Ok that is better I think you have learned your lesson for now.” I pull her to her feet and start to untie her white blouse and finger her nipples and she kisses my ruby red lips and starts to moan from my handling of her hard round nipples. mmm My naughty little slutty diaperbabe Karina she gets an A++++ today! Viciously yours, Veronika 1*888*430*2010
September 18, 2010

Private Lessons

  Steven has been naughty little man, he had not turned in his homework for a week now and made a very poor grade on his spelling quiz. So just before the bell was about to ring I told Steven I would be needing to see him after class. He looked up at me and gave me a startled look. The bell rang and everyone rushed the door while little Steven sat meekly in his seat. I was wearing a tight knit sweater, low cut very revealing with a matching skirt. I walked over to his desk and questioned him on his poor performance. He felt very bad and asked if there was anything, he could do to make it up so he wouldn’t have to take summer school. I responded that I had another assignment he might be interested in, smiling gently at him, he sighed in relief. Mizz Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
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