October 1, 2011

Enemas it does a body good!

Hello Class, please quickly take your seats we have a big day planned! Today, is Enema Day! The only time you are expelled without being sent home *laughs sadistically* I have a variety of methods we will use today both bag and disposable enemas. I have laced the bottles and sippy cups that are on your desk, Please drink up! I have a stack of diapers, suppositories and various butt plugs. So we will begin with the front row, everyone will come to the front of the class and let the expelling begin! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
June 28, 2011

Sissyboy Soaks his Pants

So today my lucky little boys and girls got a sneak peak underneath Mizz. Rebecca’s skirt. Very lucky students indeed. Danny (aka Pansy Danny) the one you see there in the front seat, got the best looksie of the class. Being that Danny is such a Pansyboi he got quite shaken up. His hands were trembling, he stuttered his speech, and wouldn’t ya know it soaked his pants right there in class. What a mess he made. Well the other students helped me to clean him up and and got him into a diaper, Cindy found an old pair of my panties in the bottom draw of the art table and she put it on him, you should have seen him. His cheeks were Redder then Bobbies hair and Bobby has Fire Red Hair! Ah, well class had to continue so we pulled out the old play pen from last year and placed little Pansy Danny in there for the rest of the afternoon till the bell rang. DING DING Class Dismissed! Mizz. Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402 Specialities: Teacher Roleplay, Diaper Discipline, Sissy Humiliation
June 11, 2011

A Lesson in Sissy Squealing!

Quiet down class! Now today’s lesson is for the Sissyboiz . I would like to have Lindsey come to the front along with Michael. Now we all remember from picture day that Michael had been apparently short changed in his biological appendages. Since his equipment is pretty much useless, he needs to learn his new role in life. Michael from today forward will now be called Michelle, and the first step will be to transform him into his new persona. Next step will be voice lessons, sissy squealing. This is where Lindsey and my Strap-on that you see here displayed on the mannequin will come in. Now everyone else take a seat and pay attention, for there are a few more in this class that are in the same position as our Michelle is. Are you like Michael, aka Michelle? Were you too cheated out of your manhood? Do you feel as though Life has played a bad joke on you? Are you unsure what your role in life should be since your equipment is worthless? Call me your Domme, I will help you to find out where you belong and how you can still be of service. 

Mizz Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402  
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