August 29, 2013

Our Special Time

Come hop up on mommy Gina’s lap.  I just love our special cuddle time we have together.  My arms wrap around you, holding you close to my bosom, rocking you gently.  I breathe in the sweet perfume of your hair, kissing your head softly, placing my cheek atop of your tussle of hair.  My eyes close as I start quietly humming a lullaby; you coo and snuggle down even more into my lap, my arms, your eyes growing heavier and heavier, lulled into such blissful contentment.  The world outside simply melting away, time seems to be at a stand still, there is no one left in it except you and me and our special time together…   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
September 16, 2012

Sweet Mommy Lacy

Even though a lot of the time I’m a little ABy girl, sometimes I really like to be a mommy! I have gotten a lot of practice from being around all the mommies here and they have shown me how to be a sweet loving mommy to all the special ABies. Every mommy has a different mommy style. Some mommies are strict with lots of rules and punishments for when ABies break the rules; other mommies are more lenient with some rules and less severe punishments. But me, I just can’t bring myself to punish cute little ABies. I just love to diaper them and cuddle them close and give them sweet little kisses all over! When my ABies misbehave I just giggle at how silly they are and wrap them up in my arms, giving them a gentle chiding. I’ll do whatever I can to make my ABies comfortable and happy! I can even breast feed them, just like the other mommies. I would love to spend some more time being a mommy! Lets have some special mommy and ABy time, I promise to be your sweet loving mommy! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
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