August 13, 2011

Wanna a Drag?

Now I am not a habitual smoker, but I have to admit that once in awhile especially after an orgasm there isn’t much else as satisfying then taking a Long, Hard, Deep Drag off that Butt!  A smoking fetish can be a hot smoking good time! While my lover or sissy cleans the cum out of my dripping pussy, I lie back, light one up, and suck it in!  Usually exhaling right in the face of my lover or sub.  Some of them who enjoy it as a fetish tense up as they wait to hear my Sultry, Painted, Lips Wrap Around the cigarette…….. breathing in slowly, drawing the flame down,  intently listening to the burning of the paper,  excitably anticipating my exhale. How ’bout you, Wanna Drag? Rebecca 1 888 430 2010    
November 13, 2010

My World, My Rules

Ouch! That would hurt now wouldn’t it. Although I am certain many of you fantasize about having a Women take charge, long to have me to control your minuscule little world and make all your decisions for you from this point forward. But the question is, How serious are you? Can you handle the pain I will inflict upon you? Are you really willing to serve in any and every way possible? This means giving up total control to me and all your finances as well. If you are ready to live in my World then prove it! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
May 5, 2010

beauty shop trips

Every so often I have an appointment with Bobbi. He is my sissy nephew and we talk about his petticoat training and his Aunt’s discipline. This last phone chat we had ended up with me taking him to my favorite beauty shop. He didn’t want to follow my rules and cut his hair so I took him to get it trimmed and then rolled and set. I picture Bobbi sitting in a dryer like this with me at the beauty shop. Thanks for the chat Bobbi. Shirley
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