October 15, 2012

Strict Lacy

  I can never decide if I like being an ABy more, or a mommy… they’re both so fun! One of the special ABies that I’m a mommy to called me a this week and reminded me how much I love being a mommy. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m usually pretty sweet and gentle. But this particular ABy requires a firmer hand. He just loves to be my husband who I force into diapers and punish. Every time he calls me I have him show me the toys we have to play with. This past time he had a pacifier and a belt, and he was of course wearing his diaper. I told him that I was sick of his inability to satisfy me and that from then on I was going to keep him in diapers and treat him like the ABy he was. I made him get on his hands and knees and push out a big poopy while he sucked on his pacifier. When he was finished I had him turn over and squish around in his smelly diaper and spank himself with the belt on the inside of his thighs. Oh he cried and whined and told me that he would be better and I didn’t have to punish him anymore. I laughed and told him we were just getting started! I told him he’d have to watch while I got satisfied by a real man. Oh no please he cried pathetically. I couldn’t help but laugh, I love being a playful ABy, but sometimes it just feels so good to be a strict mommy. love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
April 18, 2012

Mean AB Mommy Lexus

Mean Mommy Lexus… I just don’t know how I’ve gotten such a reputation.  Now I swear, I don’t want to have to be mean and be the strict disciplinarian, but some ABies just like to test me. When faced with a bratty little one that simply will not behave, there’s only one thing to do and that’s teach that abie a lesson!   Over the years I have developed different methods for dealing with Mommy’s little problems but in general I follow the rule that the punishment should fit the crime, so to speak.  From an over the knee spanking, to dressing them up as a sissy girl, to castor oil to… well let’s just say I’ve had to rely on more severe steps to adjust little ones undesirable behaviors.   Remember, when Mommy Lexus is teaching you a lesson it’s for your own good – that’s why they call it tough love. Now, you know you’ve been naughty, and you know you will feel better once you’ve confessed all your mischievous antics your bad behaviors, and then be allowed to atone for them.   So tell Mommy Lexus what you did and we’ll find a way for you to make up for it…     ~Mommy Lexus~
June 12, 2010

Found This

The following is part of an article written for a magazine called Rubber Life from the 1970’s .  I find this interesting but it’s a bit severe. My reason for writing is to set out a few things which I consider to be basic to baby discipline, and perhaps a criticism or two as I ramble on… 1) Any boy or man under petticoat or diaper discipline must feel very little boyish, sissyish, and helplessly so. 2) He should always be shaven from neck to toe. Especially cleanly about his pubes. 3) He should not been able to masquerade as a woman or girl. His hair should be short (boyish as of old). If in dresses he should have no wig. In truth, he is better dealt with in sissy clothes than in dresses. 4) He should never have access to his own privates.  Thus, all clothing covering his trunk must button down the back. Rather than buttons, unless very small, hooks and eyes or small domes are the most difficult for him to handle, and still very easy for his mummy, nurse, or governess. 5) Baby doll pajamas are worn by girls and women nowadays. They are not for big boys, or men, in diapers and rubber panties. Such males should wear baby style nightdresses without openings for their hands, or else one-piece sleepers buttoning down the back with a drop seat and, of course, feet and hands covered. The baby nightdress should be longer than the man or boy, and should have a tape in the hem so that it may be closed at the bottom so that he cannot walk, and creeping or crawling would be very difficult. The big baby’s nightie should be so fastened, and sleepers should have a blind front, thus denying the male access to that part of his anatomy he must never, ever, touch for any reason. 6) Many of his outer garments should be locked about his neck and/or waist using a light chain and padlock. 7) Little boy rompers, sailor suits, side-fastening satin shorts with wide leg openings buttoning to one of two rows of large buttons sewn to a blouse, are excellent sissy wear. Fastened to the upper row of buttons, these shorts leave room for only his rubber panties, and cradle and pull up between his bottom cheeks. Without rubber panties or a rubber concealing device, his privates would be in danger of showing at the leg openings. Fastened to the lower row of buttons, his little satin shorts would allow room for good bulky diapers, but those, along with his shiny rubber panties, would protrude well below the leg openings of his little shorts. If the punished one has a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, even the jacket should be permanently buttoned or tacked in front, and would in fact fasten by a row of hooks and eyes down his back. 8) He must not be permitted use of the toilet. He might be permitted use of a […]
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