May 30, 2013

Stinky Britches

Oh i smell something that is not so good i wonder what it could be hmm may have to do a really good search of the room to find it but i will baby knows i always find what ever it is stinking up this nice clean room.I wonder and look from one corner to the next i hear some giggling come from the corner of the sofa i dart my eyes toward the giggling knowing its you stinky britches i smile to myself  we always end up playing this game don’t we especially when you make messes in those nice clean diapers i try to keep on you.I pretend i am searching  really hard to find that smell you  look away and i grab you laughing right along with you. Oh what fun it is to play the game of hid-and-seek stinky diaper change Minnie 1.888.430.2010
October 28, 2011

Adult Baby To Cry or Not To Cry…

  To cry or not to cry, that is the question…   Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the smells and discomfort of OUTRAGEOUSLY dirty adult diapers… or, as opposing, end them… to cry, or nap…   To nap, perchance to dream… Ay, there’s the rub!   For in that nap’s saggy adult diaper escape, What dreams may come?   Perhaps my dreams will take me to, a place much worse, with people who… Have doth outlawed adult diaper play! So will I nap? I MUST say, “NAY”!   Instead I shall stay wide awake, and cry my eyes out while I wait…        
June 28, 2010


Visit Uh oh has baby been naughty? Mommy star sniffs the air “sniff sniff” Mommy crinkles her nose “I smell a stinky diaper”. I think adult baby made a stinky and he needs his mommy to change him. Don’t worry abie, Mommy Star is here to take care of you. If  baby is hungry mommy has a warm bottle waiting for you. I love taking care of my adult babies and regressing them back to babyhood. Back to diapers and bottles and everything baby. From messy diapers, to rectal thermometers, from baby bottles and baby rattles and diapers piled high; Mommy has everything to take care of baby especially the LOVE. BIG BIG LOVE!! Mommy Star 1 888 430-2010
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