January 3, 2015

Making the Rounds

Is everyone behaving in here? I heard there were some naughty ABies running around so I came to see what was going on. I brought some things that I thought I could use to help set any bad little ABies straight. I figured we’d already have all the diapers we need here so I brought my riding crop. At least you know I’m serious, so yes, you better be good but that is really only a last resort. Mommy Lexus will use all kinds of embarrassment and humiliation before she resorts to corporal punishment and usually the threat of either one is enough to get bad little babies to sit up in their diapers and pay attention. No more naughty – I want you to be good for Mommy. Or Else. Understood?   Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010  
October 11, 2014

Dirty Little Boy Gets an Over the Knee Spanking

Such a dirty little boy!  You knew Mommy was just finishing her shower and I caught you peeping! Grabbing you by your little arm I dragged you into my bedroom for your punishment. Did you think your pleading would stop me? Absolutely not! I pulled down your pants and bent you over my silky legs, holding you firmly across my lap; your bare bottom poised in the air and ready for your punishment.   With a firm hand I started spanking…hard! The sound of my hand as it cracked down onto your bare bottom filled the room between your little whimpers and cries; they didn’t slow me down though as I quickly turned your little tushie bright red with an over the knee spanking.  And then I felt it…your little peepee getting all hard and stiff against my soft legs…sliding between my silken thighs…   Such a naughty boy!     Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010  
November 26, 2013

diaper punishment

I have to sometime’s must use discipline to make my adult baby’s see reason. He is just born naughty I guess, so I take him over my knee and pull his diaper down give him at least 10 nice ,hard spanking’s! He sure like’s to wriggle on my lap while I spank his bottom red. Then he slide’s off my lap and stomp’s away he does not like it when I spank him in front of company. He say’s it is embarrassing and makes him feel small and helpless, I just giggle at him. I think he feel’s like I am a mean mommy when I try to set him straight he will figure it maybe after a few more spanking’s. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
September 6, 2013

Fifty Shades of Spankings: Behavioral Adjustment Spankings

I have found that there are many different types of spankings – how the subtle nuances of each kind fulfill a different need; in essence, the fifty shades of spankings.   One of these shades is what I categorize as the behavioral adjustment spankings: hard, sharp and concise. They need to be administered as soon as the unwanted behavior has happened and/or discovered.  With each swat of the hand (or paddle), it must be made clear why the naughty little one is receiving such treatment, and how such behavior will not be tolerated.  Spankings should continue until the perpetrator finally submits to mommy’s wisdom, and profess that he/she will never EVER do the offensive behavior again, preferably with his sobs, cries, and tears. Consistency is key here – that and the spankings are unfaltering, and continue until their will to defy is broken completely.  Anything less will result in the unwanted behavior repeated again and again.   As you can see, Behavior Adjustment Spankings are quite different from Ni-Nite spankings (as well they should).  This just proves the fact that there are indeed Fifty Shades of Spankings.     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
May 21, 2013

a Cruel Mistress in her classroom

A Cruel Mistress in her classroom teaching little sissy boy’s and sissy girls the proper way to thread a corset or give a spanking. Imagine a big blackboard and your Head Mistress standing vicous & demanding in front of it with a black pointer at the instructions for correcting the behavior of a naughty diaper slave. First you have to scold them for the bad behavior second you make sure they know just how disappointing you are & this will not be tolerated. Third you put the offending adult sissy baby over your knees and pull up the skirts ,down the diaper and with a slightly cupped palm you deliver a good walloping they will not soon forget.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
May 17, 2013

The To Do List

The to do list is something you need to think about,it will consist of many things some you enjoy doing and some not so much.I will start this off with a short list and you can add as we go along in the session but you can’t not delete anything. Humilation Cbt High Heels and i mean High Diapers Sissification Footworship Watersports Latex Fetish Leather Fetish Cuckold Public Spankings Food Fetish Plastic panties Stockings Pantyhose Panties Now there is the short to do list as i said earlier this is a short to do list we will start with. Victoria 1.888.430.2010 Oh you don’t think its a short list at all huh well i can surely make it so much longer and much worst than what it is i don’t do complaints from wimps like you so you really need to learn that lesson as of now.
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