September 27, 2019

Abdl Thinks He Can Be A Big Boy! (part 2)

(first part) A sign went past, letting Simon know that a rest area was just five miles down, and he smiled a little bit, convinced that he was going to make it there with no accidents and no more abdl diapers! He didn’t even feel any pressure from his bladder anymore, so he knew he had it under control… right until he felt that distinct warm wetness spread out from his crotch. He gasped and tried to cover it with his hands before he could stop himself, looking over at Mommy Brenda to see if she had noticed anything. She absolutely did and started to fuss at him, telling him that he was a silly, ridiculous incontinent abdl, and that nothing he did was going to change that. He was going to stay in diapers until she said otherwise, and if he said anything about it she really was going to pull out the spanking paddle, making sure that his bare bottom glowed red before she was done with his spanking discipline! That was bad enough, but then she said that they were nearly at the rest area, so she was going to put him in a clean diaper when they got there! Is she going to embarrass him in front of everyone? Click right here for the last part and call me for some adult baby phone sex. Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #abdlmommy #incontinence #abdldiapers #spanking
September 18, 2017

Baby gets a Spanking

Someone was a real bad boy, weren’t they? Mommy is going to have to spank that bottom bright red. Mommy pulls out a hard wooden paddle brush and makes that naughty baby boy come to her. Faster or mommy will have to add strokes. First we need to pull down that wet baby diaper so mommy can spank that bare bottom raw. Lay over mommy’s knees little one. Mommy is going to bring that paddle down hard on your bottom. She won’t stop just keep spanking each butt cheek, right, left, right, left, left, right, right, left. Baby never knows where mommy is going to spank next. No amount of crying or begging can get mommy to stop. Little baby boy knows he did something wrong and this is his punishment, mommy wants to make sure he can’t sit down properly for weeks. Once mommy stops baby’s bottom is bright cherry red and giving off heat. Are you going to be naughty again? Yes. Barb 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #spankings #paddling #flogging
September 6, 2014


You know what is coming next, don’t you…you were warned…haven’t I made the rules crystal clear?  I am not an unreasonable person, am I?  The rules are simple to understand, are they not?  And I have explained the punishment for breaking them, haven’t I?  Made sure you understood?  That you knew what would happen on the first infraction… on the second infraction…for repeated infractions?  Did you think that you would be able to do what you did without my knowledge?  That I would not find out?  Now tell me, tell me what you did…say the words…the rule you choose to ignore…tell me the punishment for breaking this rule…what will happen to you…speak up and speak clearly now, else your punishment will be even more severe…tell me how much you deserve your punishment…how you need my guidance…how I am right to set these rules for you… that you need them – desperately…that I only have your best interests at heart… now thank me for caring so much…for punishing you…   Maggy 1.888.430.2010  
November 4, 2013

Naughty Little Pants Wetter!

  When your mommy asked me to babysit you, I was a little confused… why would a grown man would need a sitter?! Well then she started to tell me things… like how you need looking after, or you end up getting yourself into trouble. She even told me that sometimes you still have “accidents”. Accidents?! How is he still having accidents?! She explained that you were never really potty trained, she tried when you were little, but you just refused to learn. As you grew up it never got better, and now even as an adult man you still hadn’t stopped wetting yourself. She showed me your bedroom with the big changing table; the shelf with the diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. She said that even though she’d given up on you ever actually learning to use the big boy potty, that I should still give you a little spanking when you wet yourself. So today when I came over I knew what to expect. You did ok for the first couple of hours, so I thought maybe you were finally learning. I took you to the park as a treat, pleased with your good behavior. I watched you kick your soccer ball around, having fun. And then… few minutes later I saw you stop and look down at the ground. You looked soooo sad and worried. Slowly you picked the ball up and walked over to me. Samantha…. You mumbled. And then you just looked down, immediately I saw the problem. Your shorts were soaked from the crotch all the way down your legs. Even though your mommy had warned me I was still angry and shocked. A grown man like you shouldn’t be wetting his pants anymore!! “Tony, I can’t believe you!” I said, shaking my head. I grabbed your hand and dragged you home. When we got home I took you right to your room and sat down on the bed and started roughly unbuttoning your pants. I looked up as I was yanking them down and saw how scared you were. My heart melted just a tiny bit when you started sniffling. “Oh, sweetie it’s ok,” I sighed, petting your hair. “We’ll just do a quick soft spanking and then I’ll put you in a nice fresh diaper, doesn’t that sound nice?” Gently, I pulled down your underwear and pulled you over my knee. “Now we’ll just do 5 spanks, ok sweetie.” I spanked your bare bottom, quick and sharp. By the end you were still sniffling, but I stood you up gently, “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” You shook your head no and sniffled a little more. I held your hand as we walked over to the changing table and helped you hop up. I handed you your teddy bear and pulled out a couple wipes. I wiped between your legs and over your sensitive privates before lifting up your legs to wipe your bottom. I squeezed some lotion into my hands and […]
October 7, 2012

Over the knee with Mommy Josie

Most of you know that I am a bit of a spoiler. I love hugs, cuddles and kisses. I love lavishing gifts on my ABies, see their face light up with sweet smiles and giggles really makes my day. But don’t let that fool you. That doesn’t mean you won’t end up over the knee with Mommy Josie. We have a few spanking threads over in the forums. Discussing different ways of spanking and all the implements that a mommy (or daddy)may choose to use. I have become something of a connoisseur of spanking tools myself. Of course being a lover of all things vintage, I am partial to the flat back hairbrush and the good ol wooden spoon, heh. But I have found a few things for especially BAD adult boys and girls (and let’s NOT forget sissies). As I was perusing the interwebz a few months ago, I came across the Canadian Reformatory Strap. Nasty bit of leather, that. heehee. I am still waiting for just the right naughty lil boy to come my way to give it a good try. I wield it nicely if I do say so myself. I have had chance to use it on a few subs (yes, mommy is a Mistress as well). And it fits in my hand perfectly, good weight, size and length. I have also been collecting a few more paddles, crops, straps and canes. One of my favorite things in the world is to have a very naughty adult little one go out and pick their own switch for mommy to use on their bottoms. I have had a few ABies ask me exactly what this is. I guess it is a southern thing (a favorite of old southern granma’s)and probably way before the time of most of 5he “younger” Abies. It is when you are told to go out in the yard and pick a “switch” off of a bush. The switch itself is basically a very thin branch (not too thin), picked from the bush by YOU, so that mommy can use it on YOUR bottom and the backs of the legs. If you do not pick a good one, you will get it even worse after mommy has to trudge out in the yard, stewing over your insubordination, and get it herself. You DON”T want that. So now that you know all about mommy’s love of spanking and how you can be over the knee with Mommy Josie. Get to that phone and confess! I know you have been hiding something from mommy. Mommies ALWAYS know… Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
September 16, 2012

femdom spankings in a very public place

I had a visit with one of my dirty, sexy diapered slaves we will call him B & he had a very  specific fetish he is into femdom domination & spankings in a very public place. I took him to a park where a barbecue was going  with a whole lot of people watching our display me in my pvc corset and matching skirt with knee high laceup stiletto hellcat boots looking absolutely terrifyingly stunning. That little slut was down on his knees in nothing but a diaper & a dog collar he was sniveling and whining the whole time about how he would be a better slave for me next time and how my dominance over him felt so good, he was trying so hard to get on my good side yet he was bent over my lap taking my red paddle to his bottom feeling the sting of my diaper dominance . The way people were staring & pointing at us made me want to punish that bad little diaper dunce even more. I am very happy to entertain & freak people out after all gotta give em something to talk about , why not the public punishment of a bratty little slave. Vicious Veronika 1*888*430*2010
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