May 5, 2015

Adult Baby Needs A Spanking

I love being to my adult baby boi’s.  However, there are times that mommy has to be mean to the ab/dl’s.  The naughty ones need a loving but firm hand.  Discipline is the key to mommy/son phonesex roleplay relationships. So don’t be afraid when I take you over my knees.  I want to see your naked ass cheeks turn cherry red.  What should I use to spank your little butt?  Hmmm, perhaps a belt would be good.  Or maybe a paddle brush, that would make a nice sound.  Maybe I’m feeling a bit sadistic and I grab my whip.  Better yet, we can keep it simple and use a long handled wooden spoon from my kitchen. Well don’t you worry about a thing Mommy knows just how to make your tail end sore and uncomfortable.  Ready for your spanking.  Then pick up the phone and call me.  I’ll be waiting for you. Mommy Sophia 1-888-430-2010
March 20, 2010

You did not!

You did not just moon me? My little green baby! Now what happened to that diaper I put on you along with your new green fashionable plastic rubber panties? Okay that is it, You are in need for a spanking! You think your too big to be over my Knee? I think not and you need to think again! Ha wait till I get you over my knee, you just wait! Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
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