June 19, 2011

Panty Boy

You are a little panty boy, don’t deny it!  Always sneaking in my dirty hamper for my dirty panties, it is like a kid snooping around looking for leftovers Hahaha! Sneaking into my pantie drawers, watching me very careful hoping to catch a glimpse up my skirt. You are such a dweeb hehehe. Yes just a pathetic little panty boy who dreams about wearing panties. Cum here lil boy, I’ll make you wear a pair of panties alright! In the boys gym locker room! HA! Then for me and my girlfriends during our slumber party! Yup I sure will make you wear them clean ones, dirty ones, old one, new ones, smelly ones, bloody, wet ones, poopy ones hehehehe! You will be wearing them and Not just on your crotch either LOL! Cum wear some panties for me pantie boy! Jenna 1 888 430 2010  
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