June 16, 2015

Sissy Fag Ty

Another letter from my sissy fag Ty, professing his lust for his best friend. What a big sissy slut loser! Dear Sir: I have been in love with you for a long time, since college. I am ashamed of it but it is true.  I want to be ordered around by you also.  I have fantasized about being spanked by you for a long long time.  When we were roommates, i used to wish that you would punish me when i did not cook or clean like i was supposed to.  I wished that you took me over your lap and spanked me with your strong hand.  Now I long for you. When I am in your presence, we talk like friends, but what I really want is to worship you.  To drop to my knees and smell your essence. To pledge my obedience to you.  I want to be your houseboi. I want to serve you. Kiss and wash your feet and your body. I know that we could not keep this a secret, so I want to wear jewelry that shows I am your sissy- that say cuckold sissy boi or faggot or daddy’s girl.  I want you to take me out in public like this, wearing girls clothing, and take me to bars and sporting events. I want to come out to your girlfriend as your servant.  All I think about is pleasing you Sir, Master of the universe.  You are my DADDY. Please Sir, give me the chance to do this Please please please. Your sissy, Ty Could you be any more of a loser Ty! After 5 years of you calling me for humiliation phone sex and sissy training, you still don’t have the balls to come clean to your wife and best friend. Tsk Tsk Ava 888*430*2010
September 2, 2013

Sissy’s Big Day

I had a fun little shopping day today with one of my special sissies. This morning when I woke her up I told her that we had a special visitor coming in the evening. I told her I thought it would be a good idea to get a pretty new party dress for the occasion and maybe even a new pair of panties. At the mall, my little sissy stayed close behind me, holding on to the skirt of my dress as we walked through the racks of pretty dresses. I picked several dresses, each one frillier, poofier, and shorter than the last. In the fitting room my little sissy tried on each dress, modeling them for me and twirling around. After a handful of dresses I came across the perfect one, a beautiful white satin dress with a huge full skirt, perfectly short to show off her panties every time she so much as leans over hehe. On the way out of the mall I stopped and bought her a sweet pair of ruffled white satin panties. And on the way home my little sissy was practically bubbling with excitement… Mommy Lizabeth 888-430-2010  
January 5, 2013

**Panty Sissy**

I see  you found  those cute panties i hid but i knew you would find them that’s because you are such a sneaky little imp,love rambling thru my dresser drawers and especially thru the laundry basket didn’t think i knew did ya.Ah but you should know by now Granny knows and sees all can’t be too sneaky around me and get by with it.Come along little panty sissy awe are we nervous surely not you enjoy sneaking and wearing them so now you won’t have to i will let you wear my panties sweetie so we can show off those cute little bums of yours.Oh but i really think you should i watch as you shake your head and face turns beet red why so shy now huh oh now don’t tell me your a closet sissy well that is not going to work at all panty sissy i will get you out of that closet for sure.Then we can really have loads of fun don’t you think so come along now and lets get those panties on that you found  that was bought just for you my sweet. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
September 13, 2012

Basement Sissy Baby

My best friend came over the other day upset and a bit lost – she wasn’t sure what to do with what she had discovered.  You see, she had told me that she recently caught her husband being naughty in the basement and wearing girly clothes – I mean frilly little girly clothes, complete with ruffles and lace, right down to little white ankle socks and Mary Janes.   I big smile came over my face; I told her I knew just what to do with her basement sissy.  If he wants to be a naughty sissy baby, then I would be more then happy to help her train him up proper like.  If her hubby wanted to be a naughty little sissy, then I would be pleased as bunch to give him exactly what he asked for – a classic case of “be careful what you wish for” if ever I’ve seen one.   Well, I won’t go into details here (feel free to call me and ask for them though, hehe), but to make a long story short, his wife is now humiliating him under my teachings. I play with the sissy baby’s hair and make fun of her; I take her to the mall with me shopping to humiliate her; I make her dress up and suck her binkie when we are out; the list is quite extensive!   It is so much fun training a new sissy baby.   So tell me…are you a basement sissy baby in need of some of Mommy Lexus’ training?     Dommy Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010  
June 27, 2012

Feminizing My Little Brother

  Here is a little bit of a sissification call I had with one of my callers… Pillow fight!! A girl runs up from behind you and whacks you in the back of the head with a big fluffy white pillow, feathers flying everywhere. You love it when your sister’s friends come over because they all invite you into her room. A place you normally aren’t allowed in. You look around, dizzy, and see a bunch of cute girls in pajamas jumping on the bed in front of you and attacking each other with cotton weapons. One of the girls stops and looks at you. “Hey Jenna? I just had the perfect idea. Since we’re all tired of giving each other makeovers, why don’t we give your little brother one?” All of the girls squeal in excitement, crowding around over you. You swallow hard, your cheeks turning pink with embarrassment. You suggest that they could all just keep pillow fighting, and that there’s no reason for a makeover. “Oh don’t be silly little brother, you’re going to look so cute! Besides.. I’ve always wanted a little sister!” The girls all giggle and set you down in a chair. One of the girls walks up and holds up a bunch of bandanas tied to each other, resembling a rope. “This is just in-case he tries to be a naughty boy and get away.” “Good idea!” all the girls shout. They bound you to the wooden chair, getting out their makeup bags, going over what color blush to use, what shade of lipstick, what color your nails should be. The sound of their voices sounds far away as you get lost in your thoughts. You can’t believe this is happening to you. And mom and dad are all the way on the other side of the house fast asleep. But the truth is even if you did have a chance to get away, you wouldn’t. Because deep down you like your sisters friends taking advantage of you and dressing you up. You won’t admit it to anyone but you when I sissify you, and I do too. Jenna 888*430*2010  
March 22, 2012

Using Make-Up As A Feminization Method

One of my all time favorite Feminization Methods that I use is Make-Up.  There are others of course, but being able to see a very nicely applied Make-up look on a Sissy’s face just warms my heart.  It shows that they like to take care of themselves.  Now I do understand that some of you are just too young in your Sissy years to apply any sort of Make-up upon your sweet face without looking like a clown exploded next to you, but for the rest I like the well maintained look. There is a proper way to apply eye-shadow, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick, blush, bronzer, concealer, primer, and mascara.  Why else do you think us woman take so long to get ready? First and foremost let’s start with the Make-up it’s self. You want a high quality product. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just make sure you read the packaging to make sure you are getting the best product for your money.  Do NOT use any make up from a discount store, there is a reason it is there, and that reason is because it sucks. But before we even get to the application of color to your face, you must take proper care of your skin.  There is no use in putting a good product on dirt, that would be like having had the Mona Lisa painted on toilet paper. Cleanse your skin, take care of your skin, treat it well, it’s the only skin you have. Plus if you take care of it, the application of the make-up will go on a lot smoother and cleaner. I am not, of course, going to go into the whole routine here, if I were to do that, this blog would be multiple pages long, and nobody wants to see me prattle on that long. If you have any questions pertaining to any of what I stated above about this time of Feminization Method, or if you would like to spend some time with me on the phone while you turn on your web-cam for a make-up session, then please by all means, feel free to call. Loving you all, Lauren
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