September 19, 2010

Lucky Me

I don’t know if I have told you lately how lucky I am to work with such wonderful people as I do. From top to bottom there is not a weak link anywhere along the line. From the nannies to the mommies to the sitters to the grannies the are the best you could ever hope to find. They are smart friendly ladies who know their business. So if you have the desire they have the knowledge and know how to provide the best experience for you. Daddy Paul
February 25, 2010


So just how much of a sissy girl are you? Are you one of those that just likes to play dress-up all by your lonesome self or are you my favorite type that likes to dress-up for daddy to show him how pretty you can be? After you get dressed would you go out for a walk with me or have me take pictures of you to show others so that they will be jealous that I have such pretty sissy baby? So come on over when you are ready and lets play together. Daddy Paul
August 28, 2008


Times are rough on everybody right now and stress is at an all time high. I bet you would love to relieve some of that tension and stress wouldn’t you? Come on up here on daddy’s lap and tell me all about your problems and feel safe and secure in my arms. I am right here waiting on you. Daddy Paul
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