October 23, 2018

Sissy Maid Punishment (part 2)

(first part)Watching you squirm and cry while you’re stretch over my knee for your well-deserved sissy spanking really brings a smile to my face. Especially since with as much of a fuss you’re kicking up I could almost think you weren’t enjoying yourself, if it wasn’t for the hard little clittie I can feel poking and rubbing against my thigh. What is it that has you so excited? Is it the feel and sound of my bare hand smacking against your sore bottom? How about the way all of my friends are laughing at the ridiculous picture that you make right now? I’d be willing to bet it has a lot to do with the way your clittie rubs against my warm, soft skin. My skirt pulls up to just about mid-thigh sitting down, so I can feel the wet streaks of precum dribbling out of your clittie. I bet all of it is getting you excited! Click here to find out how I have you take care of that very little problem you have and call to get your proper sissy punishment. Liz 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy! #sissypunishment #barehandedspanking #humiliationphonesex
August 22, 2012

Sissy punishment

I had a call with a certain little sissy we will call Debbie. Debbie could just not behave herself for mommy and was really asking for some sissy punishment. She was so naughty getting into mommy’s makeup and making a HUGE mess all over my dressing table. Then when I put her over my knee and pulled down her panties to give her a good spank on that bare bottom, she actually got sassy with me! Can you believe it!! So mommy had to teach this naughty little sissy a good lesson. Some of you out there have already heard or experienced Mommy Josie’s favorite spanking implement, the hairbrush. I have a large old fashioned hairbrush that sits on my dressing table. It is round with a flat back and perfect for reddening the bottoms of naughty ABies. I usually start out with my hand on a bare bottom, but if you really want to push mommy’s buttons, you will get the brush. Have you been a bad little ABie or sissy today? Are you in need of some good punishment? Almost all ABies and sissies need discipline at some point and although I prefer to spoil and be a sweet, loving mommy, I do not skimp on the spankings when needed. It is all part of being a good mommy. Call Mommy Josie 1~888~430~2010
August 22, 2010

You Know What You Are

You try so hard to hide it.  Everyday getting up, going to your work, walking around giving instructions, maybe even being in a position of authority with people coming to you with their problems for you to help fix.  Talking to those who are not doing their jobs properly and somewhat scolding them on their job performance.  And this whole time you can feel those silky, soft panties moving against your pants.  It makes you smile on the inside, or maybe just a tad bit ashamed because you wish you could just come to work dressed the way you feel on the inside.  Then at the end of the day you go home and put on your real clothing and once again you feel whole and complete, because you know what you are, you my Dear are a sissy through and through. Mommy Liz 1-888-430-2010
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