August 19, 2012

An outing with Mommy

Would you like to go on an outing with Mommy? I love taking my Abie or little sissy out to many different places. The beach, the park, the zoo and the neighborhood pool are some of my favorite places. For my little sissy ABies, I like to take them to help mommy pick out lingerie and new panties or to the salon for a day of girl fun and makeovers. Where would you like to go with Mommy? In our fantasy world, we can go wherever your heart desires. Maybe you just want a little walk through the neighborhood for some humiliation in front of the neighbors. Maybe you want to shop for new ABie clothes and diapers. Wherever you want to go, Mommy can take you there.   So where would you like to go on an outing with Mommy? Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
March 21, 2012

Sissy in Denial

  Oh honey, honestly, why do you keep denying it?   Now, now, no reason to feign denial, after all, who would know their son better then their own mother.  I have been watching and observing you, and I know exactly who and what you are.   The fact is, is that you are a sissy… and a bit more then just a sissy I’d surmise, going by those special magazines you have hidden under your mattress.  Yes, I know all about the magazines with all those “daddy” types doing all those wonderfully delicious things with all those sissies and sissy sluts.  And I also know about your little bras and panties you have stashed away; how you put them on and picture yourself as one of those sissies in those magazines; tasting all those strong, well-endowed Daddies as they teach them how to “love “ their Daddies with their sissy holes, their mouths.   You see? You see how your little “clitty” reacts to the mere mention of those ruggedly handsome men?  That’s because you are a sissy, and not just any sissy – a sissy slut.   You know, you are very lucky to have a mommy that cares about your happiness like me.  I know exactly what you need, what you yearn for, whether you want to admit it or not.  It’s my duty to guide you and show you your true nature, no matter how apprehensive you may be.   And to that endeavor, we need to get you ready – hair, makeup, your outfit.  I have someone very special I want you to meet; someone that will show you your true nature and desires; one that will take you under their wing and guide you from just being a sissy into the wonderful world of tramp-hood.   This is for your own good –   Honey, I want you to meet your new Daddy…     Maggy 1.888.430.2010
October 10, 2011

ABMommy’s makeup

I can tell you’ve gotten into mommy’s makeup again, my pretty little sissy! This is the third time this week! You just couldn’t help yourself,  could you? You went and put on every single shade of eyeshadow Mommy Crissy has! Well, if you insist on looking like a girl, I guess I’ll have to treat you like one! We’ll have to put you in a pretty matching bra and panty set, and some high heels! A slinky dress and a sassy strut, and you’ll have all the boys on the block coming to your door! Let’s get started, and show the world what a pretty young lady you’ve turned into!   Mommy Crissy, 1*888*430*2010
January 9, 2011

love your blanket

My favorite blanket changes because it’s whichever one is closest to me at the time. I only keep super soft comfy ones around so any of them will be a good pick. When I was younger though I was a little more of a picky boy. What is your favorite blanket? What color is it? I love baby blankets is light blue,green,pink,yellow. You know what? I just love all of them. Call me up so we can cuddle under the blankets. Daddy Paul
September 4, 2010

Rise of the sissy

I have noticed a lot more of you guys turning toward the sissy side. And boy oh boy am I loving it. I really have a great time with you dressing you up in your dresses and tights with make-up and ribbons in your hair. The look you give me when you are all dolled up, the way you see yourself in the mirror and the satisfaction we both receive from getting you the look you were striving for. So come on boys lets keep this up and bring your best dresses and make daddy and his little sissy both happy. Daddy Paul
July 10, 2010

Sissy Alert

I was doing one of my least favorite tasks last night which was shopping. Since I love it so much I go late in the evening so I don’t have to deal with many that many people. As I was picking up some cat food I noticed this fellow in the ladies section looking very cautiously at the panties and bras. He looked around to see if anyone was looking and held them up to see if they fit. It was neat to see this sissy watching himself in the mirror as he held them up to see how they looked. He looked puzzled when I walked up to him later and said that his choice in clothes was very nice. I told him not to be embarrassed and maybe we could hook up later if he wanted to try them on for real. Daddy Paul
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