April 20, 2012

Phone a Mommy ~ Twisters

    We left off last week with Gloria being very excited to dress Michael as a Sissy. Michael wasn’t all too happy to see what lay before him.   Chapter 2: The Transformation to Sissy   Come on Michael,” Gloria pleads with Michael, “honey do it for me?  “Please, Michael!” Gloria looks at him with sourpuss face and starts to whine; her bottom lip begins to quiver knowing Michael will for sure give in.  Still hesitant but wanting to make Gloria happy, Michael agrees.   Gloria assist in dressing him, first having him lie on the bed to get diapered. Michael starts to fuss again “Gloria is this really necessary? I mean I am all for having an open sexual dialog honey, you know I am very liberal in my views, but a Diaper, Really?” Firmly she proceeds to diaper him, “yes, Michael, it is most necessary, you will soon understand why, just trust me.”   Still unsure, but deciding it is easy just to go along rather then argue he lifts his bottom in order to be diapered, feeling a bit aroused as she rubs on the baby lotion and sprinkles the baby powered over his genitals. Next she slips on a silky pair of full panties up and over the thick bulky diaper, and then carefully she pulls the silk high thigh hose over his legs. She eagerly slips on the half-inch heel, then ask him to sit up on the bed. As she begins to put on his garter and training bra Michael cannot help but to feel how comfy the thick bulky adult diaper feels on him. He starts to bounce on the bed and wiggle his bottom to and fro.   “Hey, Gloria?” he says sheepishly, “Yes, Mike?” “ I think I understand the need for the diaper, oh wow, it is making me feel very vulnerable and somewhat submissive, I think I like the feel,” he says with his crocked smile. He places his hands on his legs rubbing his hands back and forth over them delighted at the pleasure is brought him. Gloria meanwhile had slipped the maids dress over his head and began to fidget with his wig adjusting it just right Gloria begins to brush his long blonde hair, and at the very moment the brush pulled through his golden strands and over the silky dress he could feel a tingly sensation down into his groin.   Oh, Michael!” she said with such enthusiasm “Yes, Gloria?” Looking up at her anxious to hear what she thought, “You look simply ….well like a Sissy!” Feeling rather giddy, Michael walks over to the full length mirror and for a moment just stares at himself, running his hands down the silky maids uniform, a faint smile appears on his face as he dances a little in front of the mirror. “Wow, Gloria, I look……well, I don’t know I look pretty’” he says with a giggle.   Gloria has one last surprise, she hands […]
December 1, 2010


I have plenty of paddles and whips. There is never a shortage of things to burn a bottom up with mt my place. When we’re on the phone don’t think that just because you don’t have paddles and whips that you are safe. I am sure there is something at your house that can be used on that naughty behind. Your backside is never safe from me. Come to think of it neither are your thighs, they could use a good riding crop to them too. If you don’t have one, I’ll find a substitute. No excuses naughty abies, if you act up you get the burn. Mommy Lexus
September 1, 2010


I’m not talking about your bread folks, I am talking about toasting butts! Sometimes it’s the quickest way to get a naughty aby’s attention. Yep, sometimes I just have to force their pants down and toss them over my knee for a good hard spanking. I am sure all of you have had that happen at least one day in your life, and it probably got your attention really swift like didn’t it? So if you don’t want your buns toasted then you need to be on your very best aby behavior. Mommy Lexus
July 30, 2010

red babies

It happens to a lot of us but I still felt so bad for one of my sissy aby friends that got sun burns all over his tummy,back,chest and face. Poor thing was all red and crisp. His bottom which was well covered in a diaper and shorts was alright, but that’s another story. So I fixed him oatmeal baths and aloe rubs to help him through it. There is no one like a Mommy to pamper you until you feel well again. Be careful out there guys, it’s no fun sitting inside healing when Mommy is outside in her swim suit lounging by the pool. Mommy Lexus
July 2, 2010

more sissy maid training

A couple of weeks ago I talked about sissy maids here. I heard from some of you sissies after that and you wanted to know more about being a good sissy maid. I won’t divulge all of that training information here, but I want to help the curious. It’s important to have plenty of cleaning supplies. You never know what your Mistress Mommy will ask you to do and it is better to be prepared. Make sure you have the right equipment also. You’ll need brushes and cleaning rags (old cloth diapers make good cleaning rags). When you have those things ready you’re off to a good start. Your Mistress will tell you how she expects you dressed. I like my sissy maids in either diapers or frilly panties and short dresses. This gives me a cute view to look at, and ensures a longer skirt does not slow them down. Mommy Shirley
June 4, 2010

Sissy Maid in Diapers

I can’t help it, I like sissies in diapers. So if you do some sissy maid training with me there is a large possibility that you will be put into cloth diapers and very sissy rubber panties. There are lot of chores to keep a sissy maid busy. Laundry adds up fast so she has to stay on top of it. It’s busy for sissy when she has to keep refreshing the glass of her Mistress. She knows that she better do well because a switch or paddle is always close by. Her Mommy Mistress has already shown her that she has no problem having her bend over the sofa for a switching on the backs of her freshly shaven thighs. How trained are you? Expert maid or still in need of discipline and rules? Mommy Shirley 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
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