May 20, 2013

ABy Maid

Mmmkay, so your mommy said there’s a bunch of work around the house she wants done today. Mopping the floor, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing the toilet, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But here’s the thing… I don’t wanna do any of that! SO – today you’re actually gonna be useful haha! I’m just gonna put you to work all around the house while I “supervise” you. And by that, I mean I’m just gonna sit in whatever room you’re cleaning and look up every once in a while to point out what you’re doing wrong haha! Lets start in the kitchen hmm. I’m just gonna sit up here on the counter and read my magazine while you start with the dishes. And hurry up, ‘cause after that you need to mop the kitchen floor, and like I said, there’s a whole list of stuff you need to get done in the next couple hours. When we’re (you’re) all done in here I think we’ll move on to the bathroom. I want you to scrub that toilet with a toothbrush… hehehe maybe YOUR toothbrush, and leave that porcelain sparkling. You better do a good job too. I don’t want your mommy coming home and getting mad at me ‘cause you were slacking off. I want her to come in here and be soooo happy about how clean everything is so I can take ALL the credit and get myself a nice little bonus hehe! Oh, and if you even think about telling her that I made you do all the work I can guarantee you’ll regret it the next time I babysit your little loser butt.   xoxo Samantha 888.430.2010
February 14, 2013

Bratty Princess Jenna

  Let’s just get one thing straight – I am a Bratty Princess and you are all just living in my world! All you stupid sissies, adult babies, and LOSERS who call themselves men, are here for one reason and one reason only, to SERVE ME!! Now that we got all that straight, it’ll be easy for you to understand that I don’t do any kinda work. Nothin, not a thing. You all are here to do everything for your sexy little Princess, right? So let’s start with cleaning. My whole house. Every little bitty inch. And you don’t think that I’m gonna let you go around my house in your stupid clothes do you?? Of course not, you’re my sissy maid, and my sissy maid wears exactly what I tell her to. An adorable little sissy maid outfit. See, you look about a gajillion times better like that! Who did you think you were fooling in your “masculine” clothes?? Everyone knows what SISSY LOSER you are, and now they can all see the truth with their own eyes! Well you better hurry up and get started. All this stuff isn’t gonna get done itself! And if you even think about trying to sneak a pair of my sexy little panties, I’ll make you regret for the rest of your loser life! I’ll just be sitting here, painting my toenails and eating cupcakes like a Bratty Princess does! PRINCESS Jenna 1.888.430.2010  
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