November 19, 2018

Just Like Mommy

  Danny crept into his sexy Mommy’s bedroom with one goal in mind, to play dress up with her pretty lacy panties. It seemed like lately every time he had the house to himself, all he could think of was sneaking into her room and living out his naughty sissy boy fantasies of being treated like a helpless young girl, dressed up in the silkiest bits of his Mommy’s intimates. Just pulling open the pantie drawer on her dresser was enough excitement to get his itsy bitsy pee pee to stand at attention. He let out a little moan at the sight of his favorite things, and noticed some new pairs! It was like a little sissy girl Christmas just for Danny, and he pulled his silly boy clothes off as quickly as possible, shedding any hint of masculinity along with them, he reached for the first silk and lace bikini pair he could grab. He was lost in his sissy dress up moment… Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy 1-888-430-2010 XOXO Mommy Jackie #abdl #diaperlover #sissy
January 5, 2013

**Panty Sissy**

I see  you found  those cute panties i hid but i knew you would find them that’s because you are such a sneaky little imp,love rambling thru my dresser drawers and especially thru the laundry basket didn’t think i knew did ya.Ah but you should know by now Granny knows and sees all can’t be too sneaky around me and get by with it.Come along little panty sissy awe are we nervous surely not you enjoy sneaking and wearing them so now you won’t have to i will let you wear my panties sweetie so we can show off those cute little bums of yours.Oh but i really think you should i watch as you shake your head and face turns beet red why so shy now huh oh now don’t tell me your a closet sissy well that is not going to work at all panty sissy i will get you out of that closet for sure.Then we can really have loads of fun don’t you think so come along now and lets get those panties on that you found  that was bought just for you my sweet. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
June 16, 2012

sissy time with Crissy

Mommy crissy loves to have sweet,cute little sissy time. I  get together the prettiest,frilly dresses,bras & panties,sweetest high heels,all the makeup that sweet sissy could ever want. I like to surprise my sissy guys and gals big time make sure they keep there eyes closed tight while I lead em upstairs the anticipation is yummy! My diaper sissy just loves my surprises we get to the door at the top of the stairs  we walk into the room and my sissy looks around at the lovely dresses, matching shoes & pretty lingere hung all over the room  in a myriad of colors. ”wow” the sweet sissy exclaims”I wanna try them all on,will  u take pictures of me mommy”? ”of course sweety” i say. I get my makeup kit of magic and get to work dolling him all up. Now my sissy is ready for a night on the town. XXXXCrissyXXXX 1*888*430*2010      
September 5, 2010

Playing With Mommy’s Panties

Are you ready for it? Ready for what Mommy is about to show you? Since you already have been caught sniffing them from the hamper, I thought you would like to be able to sniff them right from the source.  Do you see how saturated they are?  How they cling to Mommies sweet, succulent lips? Wouldn’t you love for Mommy to pull them down and press them against your lips before shoving them into your mouth? Give Mommy Liz a call, and we will do just that. Mommy Liz 1-888-430-2010
August 26, 2009

Mommy’s Magic Bracelet

Ooh! What a pretty bracelet mommy has! It’s all shiny and sparkly. Mommy’s dangling the pretty bracelet in front of me, and swinging it back and forth, back and forth. It’s jangling and sparkling and making my eyes feel funny. Uh oh. Something’s happening. Baby’s feeling sleepy. Baby can’t hold his little head up anymore. What’s going on? Wait… Mommy’s saying something. Mommy’s calling me a sweet little… GIRL! I’m not a girl. I’m a BOY! But Mommy keeps calling me her sweet little girl, and now she says I have to wear a dress. I don’t wanna wear a dress! But I have to do what Mommy says. That magic bracelet won’t let me disobey. Mommy changes my diapee and puts me in PINK lacy rhumba panties. Oh no! I don’t want this, but I can’t do anything to stop it. Call Mommy Shirley to find out what happens next… Hugs and kisses, my darlings Love, Mommy Shirley 1-888-430-2010
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