June 16, 2015

Sissy Fag Ty

Another letter from my sissy fag Ty, professing his lust for his best friend. What a big sissy slut loser! Dear Sir: I have been in love with you for a long time, since college. I am ashamed of it but it is true.  I want to be ordered around by you also.  I have fantasized about being spanked by you for a long long time.  When we were roommates, i used to wish that you would punish me when i did not cook or clean like i was supposed to.  I wished that you took me over your lap and spanked me with your strong hand.  Now I long for you. When I am in your presence, we talk like friends, but what I really want is to worship you.  To drop to my knees and smell your essence. To pledge my obedience to you.  I want to be your houseboi. I want to serve you. Kiss and wash your feet and your body. I know that we could not keep this a secret, so I want to wear jewelry that shows I am your sissy- that say cuckold sissy boi or faggot or daddy’s girl.  I want you to take me out in public like this, wearing girls clothing, and take me to bars and sporting events. I want to come out to your girlfriend as your servant.  All I think about is pleasing you Sir, Master of the universe.  You are my DADDY. Please Sir, give me the chance to do this Please please please. Your sissy, Ty Could you be any more of a loser Ty! After 5 years of you calling me for humiliation phone sex and sissy training, you still don’t have the balls to come clean to your wife and best friend. Tsk Tsk Ava 888*430*2010
April 1, 2013

Enjoy your easter?

I hope you sissified bois enjoyed your Easter. Did you get to sit on the easter bunnies lap? Did he give you lots of eggs? Well you know you’re going to have to share them with Mommy Ava  aren’t you? Or else you’ll get a spanking. See not sharing is not nice. And you won’t like Mommy when she’s not nice. You’ll be a very scared sissy faggot, trust me. Ava 888*430*2010  
June 27, 2012

Sissy Ty Goes on Another Assignment

Further Notes from Sissy Ty: Thank you Ms Ava for allowing me and (really_) forcing me to reveal to the public that I am a sissy.  I went to the local bondage store after a brief phone call from you telling them that they should expect me, Ty, who wanted to be outfitted to serve a Master.  When I got to the store, I was met by a saleswomen, who was very helpful in suggesting an outfit for me to try on.  She recommended that I try on a black waist-level corset- which she helped me put on- a pink tutu like garment and a pink mini belt, which was worn over the tutu and just below the corset.  She said that I looked great, but I think she was just being nice.  I am sure that, as Ms Ava said after I told her about the conversation, that I looked RIDICULOUS.  Had other people not been in the store, others, including a man and a woman who saw me in that outfit as I went to look at a choker collar and a leash, with my outfit on, I am sure that the saleswoman would have laughed out loud at me and taunted me for looking so ridiculous.  At any rate, I was so nervous I thought I would faint!  I am to call the saleslady later today before the store closes to tell them when I will pick up the outfit, which also includes red fishnet stockings.  Now the only thing to do, is to call Ms Ava later today, so that she can tell me- which I am paying her to do- that I am a loser and a fool for going along with the assignment when I really did not have to, and exposing myself in public like that, which only a faggot and not a true man would have done.
October 20, 2011


…yes my dear, part of your sissy training is learning how to be with a man – how to please him, how to touch him, how to react to his touch.  Now don’t worry, I’ll be there to guide you through the whole process.  I’ll be instructing you how to use your mouth, your sissy hole, your hands, to pleasure whom ever I bring to you, when ever I bring them to you.  You will be instructed how to be the perfect little girl, to do as you are told without question, to dress in a pleasing and seductive way, and to actually offer yourself to others for their pleasure.  It may be difficult for you at times, and this may lead to punishments…severe punishments…but through the tears and cries, you will come to realize that the instructions you receive are for your own good…   Now, she we begin?   Mommy Maggy 1-888-430-2010
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