October 1, 2010

Well Worn

Since I change a literal butt load of diapers I almost have a sixth sense of when is getting past it’s prime. The tale tale signs such as sagging and yellow stains and the all powerful smell there are a few other ways to tell. The wonderful fidgeting is one clue and if they are a good baby they can tell you all about what they did. So if you are on a play date and start noticing these telling signs better go and tell their mommy, daddy,or sitter because that diaper has been well worn. Daddy Paul
March 28, 2010


I was just sitting here thinking about life is run in a pack of wolves. There is an Alpha male and female that leads the pack and all others follow them in showing subordinate attitudes and loyalty. The lone wolf is one who has been cast off from the pack and has to find his own territory or he will be a target for the pack. Are you the Alpha one the subordinate or the lone wolf? In other word do you lead follow or make your own way. Daddy Paul
January 2, 2010

Give me a P….

We have ourselves our own Phoneamommy sissy cheerleader. I kind of think he needs pink and white though to represent team Phoneamommy. That’s ok though, it’s a cute look and I bet the Mommies would love him too. I had so much sweet fun with this sissy though, he’s very eager to be a good cheerleader. Also you can’t deny he has nice legs either. Thank you Spirit Sissy and you did great at your Cheer routine. Daddy Paul
December 4, 2009

Santa Baby

Sissies who like dressing up for Daddy can take my breath away. So cute and sometimes so sexy they can be. I’m a Daddy who likes costumes too. A sissy friend of mine is dressing up as a sexy Santa for me for Christmas. That is one gift I can’t wait to unwrap. Don’t worry, I can appreciate and take in a pretty package too. I won’t rush through it. Normally surprises are better than knowing, but this little teasing sissy knew how to make Daddy anxious. Daddy Paul
November 15, 2009


One of the most wonderful parts of human contact is the ability to hug. When you were little and you got hurt didn’t a hug seem to make all the pain go away? When you got a little older a hug was a great way to show affection and get close to the one you loved. But it is also a great way to show that you wish only the best for someone without even saying a word. And besides that it just plain old feels good. So go on don’t be shy reach out and hug somebody today just to show you care. Daddy Paul
September 18, 2009

Daddy all Alone

On such a quiet evening what is a daddy to do while he is all by himself? The crib has nice clean sheets the highchair is sitting by the table all the little girl clothes are hanging in the closet and the playpen is full of toys. The only thing I need now is a sweet little abie to come in and share a wonderful evening with Daddy. Are you the one that’s going to be pampered and cooed over? Don’t wait long I wont be alone long. Daddy Paul
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