July 26, 2013

Sissy Baby gets a Special Necklace

Consider for a moment your return from a hard day’s work.  You find me there and I look just as I should – I am the epitome of a mommy…your Adult Baby Mommy.   I’m dressed in pink silk in the form of a flowing gown adorned with little white beads and the sweetest of stockings and garters. I smile adoringly at you, telling you that I have a present for you; a very special gift for a very special sissy baby.  Of course you don’t see it coming.  You open the box and find the glinting golden charm in the shape of a diaper pin hanging from a golden chain.  You smile and giggle, so delighted in Mommy’s generosity and you beg me to put it on your straight away. I string the necklace around your neck and I can feel you tremble. As I’m leaning over you, my lips still close to your ear, I softly tell you that this necklace shall never come off.  Your body starts to change instantly.  The world around you seems to grow, but I assure you in the most docile manner that you are not dreaming.  I inform you that this is not a hoax – that this has been Mommy’s plan all along.  I continue as I explain to you that as much as I adore having you as my sissy baby, I am in need of more…I am in need to be your true Mommy,  and you to be my true baby girl. You know it’s true, as the transformation completes itself.  You look up ay me and see how Mommy towers over you.  I smile as you little hands grasp at your new necklace, my patient words telling you that it’s no use to try to take it off now, that that necklace is special. “It’s locked into place forever, my sweet sissy baby.  Now you will be my baby for ever and ever.” I hold up a pink bonnet to you, telling you how I choose it especially for my sweet little baby, in celebration for my sissy baby’s first day as a true baby.  As I place it on your head you coo, finding that your vocalizations have also regressed to that of a 6 month old. I gather you up in my arms, swaying softly, as I bring you to your new room – your nursery, all done in pink and ruffles and lace.  As I lay you down on the changing table, I place several layers of cloth diapers under your little bottom, telling you about how your life will be for now on, me as your true Mommy, and you as my little sissy baby, forever and ever and ever. Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
March 31, 2013

Pansy Potion

  This week one of my patients experienced the effects of another one of my treatments. Now this tonic has a very special spot in my medicine cabinet. It’s something that I reserve for a specific kind of patient. See, it’s important that he be very manly, full of confidence, and most importantly… unsuspecting. As I’ve said many times before, I know what is best for my patients. A headstrong, confident man is a nuisance, but with just a drop of my pansy potion he can be transformed into a gentle sweet girl, perfect for sissy maid duties. Now my favorite way to administer the potion is by offering the soon to be sissy a drink of water before his examination. He accepts the glass in his big strong hand a swallows it down in a swig. Once the exam is under way the effects of the potion begin to become noticeable. His once strong broad shoulders become small and narrow; his arms and legs become thinner, the hair disappearing; his chest becomes fuller; his manly facial features, the strong jaw and stuble disappearing, leaving him with lovely little feminine features. And between his legs, his manhood begins to shrivel up, turning into a sweet little honey pot. Fully transformed, my new sissy was left speechless. “It’s alright dear,” I told her, patting her delicate shoulder, “Don’t you worry, this is for the best…” I’ll tell ya, its not nearly often enough I get to use my pansy potion on unsuspecting patients hehehe! Nurse Betty 1.888.430.2010  
March 16, 2013

Magic Milk

When I’m out babysitting for dumb little adult babies, I gotta keep a lot of special tools handy. ABies can be tricky and get themselves into lots of trouble if I don’t make sure to keep them in line… that’s why I always keep a supply of magic adult baby milk around. Whenever and ABy starts acting like they know better than me, trying to be a big boy, or just misbehaving in general, all I have to is give them a nice dose of my special milk and they fall right back into line! See, I use shrinky dinky milk!! It’s a special kinda milk that makes whoever drinks it to get smaller and smaller and feeling more like the little babie he really is! A couple of days ago I was watching little babie Johnny and he thought he was bein’ soooooo smart, pulling off his diapey and getting a nasty little attitude. He kept asking me how come he couldn’t play all the humpy games that I play with my boyfriends, and that he was a big boy too. Hahaha!!! “Oh really Johnny? Okie dokie then, lets give you some milkys and then we’ll see if you wanna play humpy games!” I fixed him a bottle of shrinky dinky milk and popped the rubber nipple in his loud little mouth. With every little sip I could tell he was gettin’ more and more compliant. By the time he was all done he was laying on the floor all curled up cooing away! Dumb little babie! I always know what’s best! So all of you wanna be big boy ABies, come out come out wherever you are!!! I have just the thing for you… Jenna 1.888.430.2010  
March 2, 2013

Nurse Betty’s Medicine Cabinet

If you look in my special medicine cabinet you’ll find all sorts of tonics and treatments; with all of my experience I always know the perfect treatment for each patient. For example, when William came to see me he was an absolute mess. But after just a few moments I knew exactly what he needed, it was just a matter of how to give it to him. Poor Willy was just a ball of stress. Troubles with work, a string of unsuccessful relationships, and an overall lack of self-confidence. I directed him to undress and put on the robe hanging on the wall, and when I returned we would begin the treatment. Well our little Willy was so consumed with stress that he barely questioned me, and when I returned he was sitting up on the examining table wearing only his robe, just as directed. “Now this medicine is very effective, however it must be taken in a certain way, otherwise it will loose its potency,” I told him, he was so desperate for relief he agreed immediately. “Excellent, legs up in the stirrups then,” He complied and looked down nervously as I pulled out two large suppositories and a jar of lubricant. I positioned myself between his legs and pushed up his robe. After coating the suppositories in lubricant, I used one hand to spread his cheeks and the other to reach inside his anal cavity, pushing the suppositories as far up as I could reach. William groaned and shifted around as I reached into him. I gave him a light spank on his bottom, “Come now, be a good boy Willy, lets not make this more trouble than it is,” Begrudgingly, he became more still, but I could hear him grumble that he was a grown man, not  a ‘good boy’. “There we are, all finished. It should begin to take effect immediately…” “I don’t feel anything,” he complained. But as soon as the words came out his face changed. “Whats going on??” he begged, “I feel funny, like tingley all over.” He started patting his hands down his front. His arms and legs were becoming shorter and chubbier, his face getting round and sweeter looking. After just a few moments he was shrunken down to a sweet babie. “Now you see sweet Willy, there’s nothing to be stressed about anymore…” Come have a peek at my special medicine cabinet, perhaps the shrinking treatment is just what you need to get yourself back in a stress free and relaxed state of mind. Nurse Betty 1.888.430.2010  
November 2, 2011

Kitties in a Cup

Ok, so I saw this and all I could do is say ‘AWWWWWW’!!  Aren’t they the most adorable things you have every seen?  I just want to scoop them up and pop them in my pocket.  I think that I would make a little satchel to wear around my neck and carry them around close to my heart.  Now wouldn’t you like to be one of those kitties, being carried around close to my heart?  I know I’d love to have a sweet regressed AB snuggled up close to me!   AB Mommy Maggie
October 12, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Man

When the ABies I take care of are well-behaved they get story time. One of the favorite stories at Nanny Ella’s Nursery is Alice in Wonderland. I was reading to one good little boy the other day and we got to the part where Alice shrinks and grows. I could see the wonder on my little one’s face and I got all sorts of ideas of my own. Things I would do with a little one if he was literally little, if he was tiny. The little terrors would be easier to take care of – those bad boys would get shrunk. I can also think of some fun I could have that would bring me a lot closer to my sweet babies.   Like to play really little?  So do I – I love to play at giantess and shrinking fetish role plays.   Let Nanny shrink you down to size Your Nanny Ella 1-888-430-2010
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