February 21, 2013

Steam Powered Masturbation Facilitator

You all know how much I adore interesting, unique, and unusual items; especially antique ones (an antique male chastity device and an antique douching system to name a couple – check ‘em out!). Well this latest find certainly makes the grade and does not disappoint! What people can’t cook up!  To think, the first fucking machine was steam powered!  Wow!  Now you know it was some guy, locked up in his little workshop, thinking, “Hmm, now how can I make this dildo hands-free so I can get the sensation of a real good ass-fucking?”, LOL.   Or maybe it was a frantic husband that only had a wet noodle between his legs, desperately needed to find a way to satisfy his wife, lest he become a cuckold.  Heck, one of these puppies could have been used as a tool of the trade in a bordello!   Oh wait, I know – it could very well have been invented by a doctor to help facilitate a prescribed treatment for women suffering from “female hysteria” (the “Dr. Maggy” in me just had to mention that, hehe).   In any case, I think it’s true what the say – necessity is truly the mother of invention!     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
June 11, 2011

Naughty Nanny Games

Ella is here to babysit for you! Your parents are going out and I’m in charge for the night, but I have a feeling I’m going to be like no other babysitter you’ve ever had. This naughty nanny likes to get dirty with her charges. I can teach you a little game I like to call Curious George. Are you curious to what is underneath nanny’s blouse? Would you like to sneak a peek at nanny’s sexy titties? Would you like to touch them and play with them?  Nanny likes to play too – I like to explore what my boy has hiding in his diaper.  Aren’t you curious as to what your naughty nanny is going to do with her “special” toy? (that’s another one of nanny’s naughty little games, hehehe).  We are going to have such a wonderful time tonight playing all of Nanny Ella’s naughty little games, hehe!     Call your Naughty Nanny Ella for naughty strap on play and much much more
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