May 22, 2011

Teacher Phonesex

  Jacob, a new student in my class thinks he is all that. He has quit the ego, very pompous attitude and all the teenyboppers cater to his every whim. He is in for a real lesson in my class. I will delight in watching him fold. In my class he will learn that he is far from being a man, why he is just a little boi. Once he experiences a mature woman such as myself he will crumble quickly as do all the boiz in my class. Mizz. Rebecca has a special lesson for Jacob, a lesson that will last with him the rest of his life. The big man on campus will soon be a mumbling fool, my pet and most eager to please me along with all my sexual whims. Mizz Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402  
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