December 13, 2013

Naughty or Nice

It’s been a busy time of year helping the abies get their Dear Santa letters in. I must say some of the ones claiming to have been nice have surprised me. I don’t contradict them though; I just help them get their letters written. If you’re one of those naughty little ones though and you want a chance to get on the nice list listen up. Maybe we can work something out. You come to me and let me know how you have misbehaved and take a punishment from me. If the slate is clean then I can send a good word to the man at the North Pole. So get ready for spankings, corner time, paddlings, writing assignments and whatever it takes to get you on the nice list. I hear extra cookies and milk doesn’t hurt either.   Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
May 31, 2013

Changing Adult Babies Diaper Anywhere

You just never know where your AB Mommy might decide to change you.  Think I carry around that diaper bag just for show? HA! I have it packed, stocked, and at the ready at a moments notice… and have no qualms about using it any time, any where. Think I’m bluffing? Go ahead, try me, hehehe.  At the mall and making a stinky messy? Oh well, if my adult baby has to be changed, then he has to be changed – I won’t even bother trying to find a bathroom; I’ll just plop you right on one of those big benches that are in the middle and change you right there.  Don’t even think you having one of your ‘hissy-fits’ is going to deter me…oohhh no sirree Bob.  The only thing that red face of yours to going to accomplish, is drawing more attention to yourself and your stinky, smelly, messy diaper change! So while other mommies might rush home to change their babies, this Dommy Mommy might just as easily rush you OUT to get a public diaper change! Dommy Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
December 3, 2010

Sissy baby girl

Hi shy sissy baby, do you want to be Mommy’s baby girl? Oh honey come over with Mommy and I will help you feel just like a real baby girl. From the bows in your hair to the bows on the toe of your shoes you are going to be my baby girl, every inch of you a baby vision. That means diapers too honey. So we’re going to see if we can’t find sissy baby some thick diapers so she feels secure and can wet without fear of messing up her cute dress. Mommy Shirley
November 17, 2010

I love men in diapers

  I like my men in diapers. When I get to change an adult diaper and do something private and special with someone close to me, it’s as if we’re in our own world. During that time there is no one else on earth. There’s no telling how many diapers I have changed over the years, but it is most always enjoyable. I have to say most always because nothing is perfect, and sometimes people get a tad nervous sharing something that they’ve spent a long time trying to keep secret. Most of the time though it’s good for both sides of the diaper tapes.   Mommy Shirley
October 22, 2010

Baby’s First Halloween

  Guess what Baby-Pants? You’re going to go out in public as my aby this Halloween night. I don’t care how much you cry and fuss it’s going to happen. You’ll have on a big adult aby diaper (or diapers), a shirt and some socks and shoes. If you get cold then you’ll get stuck in long fleece footed pajamas that are very babyish. Don’t you worry about where we’re going because Mommy has it all planned out. I’m going to tell that sexy bartender you’re always flirting with that this isn’t your costume, that you’re really a aby. She may think I’m joking but the shade of red your face will turn will have her laughing. Then that whole night you’ll be drinking from a little bitty baby-bottle. No beer or liquor for you. I just can’t wait.   Mommy Lexus
July 14, 2010

diapered husband

  Margaret came home to find her sissy husband had not finished his chores. He apologized as he went kneeling in front of her. He may have been sorry, but it happened too often. Margaret decided to make him into a diapered husband. Sissy Gary had his panties taken away and they were replaced with diapers and plastic pants. So when Margaret’s boyfriend came over he saw the sissy in his new diapers. Sissy Gary has a week or two to think about how lucky he was to have panties and to try to work his way back up to being a panty wearing sissy. br> Mommy Shirley
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