January 24, 2011

gagged sissy

Mommy has to have a few words with you young man. I know about how you spy on my boyfriend and I. There’s no point in lying to Mommy she knows all that you do honey. There’s only one way to solve this situation and that is to make you be a sissy girl. See I think you’re curious about things big girls do, but you’re too little for that just yet. The best place for you in in the playpen in your diapers. Then Mommy will know exactly where you are sissy boy. If you pout I will just put a binky in your mouth and strap it on, then what will you do hmm? Drool all over your big pacifier gag is what you’ll do. Mommy Shirley
May 19, 2010

sissies first panties

This is for all of you sissy abies who wear panties. Do you remember the very first pair of panties you bought or wore? Do you remember that nervous feeling you felt while you slipped into them? It’s a story that I never get tired of hearing, about the first pair of panties. I like to hear about the first adult diaper too, but that’s another blog right? Were they panties you bought? Did you sneak them out of your Mommy’s room? Think back on that day and let me know. Mommy Shirley 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
May 7, 2010

love you

It is creeping up on fast. Don’t look now but Mothers Day is almost here. So does this mean you forgot? I hope not because Mommies are the most special women we have probably ever know in our lifetime. They were the ones who fed and dressed and cared for our helpless little baby bodies. As we got older they kissed all our little boo-boo’s and made sure we had on clean underwear. So make a special point to tell your Mommy how much you appreciate all they have done for you. Louie
December 2, 2009


I know these aren’t frilly, or pink, but when I saw these I couldn’t help but notice just how pretty they are.  Pink is beautiful, but sometimes other colors are just as beautiful.  The blue on the Knickers reminds me of the sky in Montana on a beautiful summer day, where you can just see nothing but that, not a cloud in sight.  Plus I think a lot of people look really nice in blue.  And I know these would just look so wonderful over your little diaper covered hiney. Mommy Lizabeth 1-888-430-2010
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