September 27, 2019

Abdl Thinks He Can Be A Big Boy! (part 2)

(first part) A sign went past, letting Simon know that a rest area was just five miles down, and he smiled a little bit, convinced that he was going to make it there with no accidents and no more abdl diapers! He didn’t even feel any pressure from his bladder anymore, so he knew he had it under control… right until he felt that distinct warm wetness spread out from his crotch. He gasped and tried to cover it with his hands before he could stop himself, looking over at Mommy Brenda to see if she had noticed anything. She absolutely did and started to fuss at him, telling him that he was a silly, ridiculous incontinent abdl, and that nothing he did was going to change that. He was going to stay in diapers until she said otherwise, and if he said anything about it she really was going to pull out the spanking paddle, making sure that his bare bottom glowed red before she was done with his spanking discipline! That was bad enough, but then she said that they were nearly at the rest area, so she was going to put him in a clean diaper when they got there! Is she going to embarrass him in front of everyone? Click right here for the last part and call me for some adult baby phone sex. Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #abdlmommy #incontinence #abdldiapers #spanking
August 26, 2013

Beach Diapy!

What’s more fun in the summer than a trip to the beach?! And taking ABies to the beach is extra fun! I get to wear my cute and sexy bikinis and lay out and tan, while my little brats have to wear their swimming diapers and plastic pants and waddle around. And I always make sure to get the thickest, most crinkly swim diapys and pants hehe. Even getting ABies ready is fun. Getting them diapered in there thick and crinkly swim diapys, the whole time telling them about all the pretty girls who are gonna be at the beach. How all those pretty girls are gonna be staring at them, laughing and teasing. Pointing at their big puffy diapered bottoms and laughing when the silly ABies inevitably go potty in their diapys. If you’re not excited for the beach yet, then think of this… how much fun its going to be when I change your diapy on the beach! Jenna 888-430-2010  
May 18, 2013

Adult Baby Picnic for Memorial Day

What better way to kick off the summer season then with a picnic on Memorial Day!  We can pack a wonderful picnic lunch with all your favorites – corn on the cob, hot dogs, fried chicken, potato salad, plus of course watermelon (what’s a Memorial Day picnic without watermelon?).  But I always say the more the merrier, so let’s bring all your stuffed little furries and plushies too!  We can have a regular outdoor picnic with all your soft little friends to share in the fun!  And after you have tuckered yourself out form all the play, and after I have laid you down for a diaper change, it will be time to lay your head down for a well deserved nap in the afternoon – won’t it be comforting to have all your friends to cuddle up with and guide you off to dream land (that way you will be well rested for the fireworks at night!)?  And yes, we can light sparklers and run around at night and catch fireflies as well, making out picnic complete!   So what do you say? Shall we have an Adult Baby picnic with all your plushies?   Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
January 27, 2013

Tricky Babi Girl

The other day when I went to the grocery store with Daddy I got a public diaper change! When we left home, Daddy asked me if I needed a new diaper, I said no, even though I’d already gone tinkle twice! He was in a big hurry when we were leaving because he wanted to get home for some dumb football game or something, so he didn’t have time to check me himself. As soon as I got in the car and sat down, I knew I was gonna need a new diaper real soon. I giggled thinking about how mad Daddy would be when I he found out how soaked me diaper was, especially since he was in such a big hurry hehehe! We started walking through the aisles and I could feel my diaper getting heavier when I tinkled again. When Daddy asked me what kinda baby food I wanted, I yelled “I need a new diapyyyyyy!” Hehehehe! He was so mad that I hadn’t told him before we left! He pulled me over to a bench in the store and said we didn’t have time to go to the potty to change me (which is what I wanted so I could get my diaper changed in public!) He pushed my dress up and opened up my diaper while the other people in the store were walking around and sneaking little peeks at me. When he went to wipe my I spread my legs realllll wide giggling, he spanked my bottom and told me to cut it out, but it was worth it just to make Daddy grumpy hehehe! Come take me out shopping so you can change me in public too – I’ll try to be a good girl hehehe!! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
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