July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday American ABDL Baby!!!

Whose Birthday Is It? Author Unknown Some birthdays come in winter, Some birthdays come in spring. On birthdays there are games to play And lots of songs to sing. My favorite birthday is in July, And it doesn’t belong to me! It’s the birthday that lights up the sky For all the world to see! Rockets glare, trumpets blare, And bands begin to play. Happy Birthday America, It’s Independence Day! To all my ABDL friends and family I hope you have a great weekend and keep those adult baby diapers dry! Mommy AvA
December 16, 2010


  Its VERY cold outside!!! and abdl Mommy needs to make sure adult baby is bundled up tight when we go outside. Brrr It’s the most wonderful time of the year With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer” It’s the most wonderful time of the year It’s the hap-happiest season of all With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings When friends come to call It’s the hap- happiest season of all kisses under the mistletoe Star 1 888 430-2010
November 18, 2010

ABDL Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner When Daddy carves the turkey, It is really quite a sight, I know he tries his hardest, But he never does it right. He makes a fancy show of it, Before he starts to carve, And stabs in all directions, While we’re certain that we’ll starve. He seems to take forever, As we sit and shake our heads, By the time he’s finished slicing, He’s reduced the bird to shreds. He yells as loud as thunder, Just before he’s finally through For when Daddy carves the turkey, Daddy carves his finger too! What a great time of year for family and friends to get together and celebrate the love and warmth of the people in our life.  I sure hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Gobble Gobble Mommy Star 1 888 430-2010
May 9, 2010

A Poem For You Mom, Love You!

It takes a Mother’s love to make a house a home, A place to be remembered, no matter where we roam. It takes a Mother’s patience, to bring a child up right, And her courage and her cheerfulness to make a dark day bright. It takes a Mother’s thoughtfulness to mend the heart’s deep “hurts,” And her skill and her endurance to mend little socks and shirts. It takes a Mother’s kindness to forgive us when we err, To sympathize in trouble and bow her head in prayer. It takes a Mother’s wisdom to recognize our needs And to give us reassurance by her loving words and deeds. It takes a Mother’s endless faith, her confidence and trust To guide us through the pitfalls of selfishness and lust. And that is why in all this world there could not be another Who could fulfill God’s purpose as completely as a MOTHER! ~Helen Steiner Rice CousinJenna 1-888-430-2010
February 12, 2009

Be My Valentine

Be my Valentine, for I Each day have thought of you. My whole life couldn’t manage what Your ready smile can do, Vanquishing my loneliness As though all light were new. Let me be your Valentine Even as you’re mine, Needing what I have to give That each might each define In friendship and in harmony, Now you, now I the melody, Each helping each to shine. Mommy Lexus 1-888-430-2010
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