July 18, 2012

sexy diaper sissy

I had a lot of fun the other night with a sweet & sexy diaper sissy. She is such a great little sissy ab she did everything mommy wanted she got right into her pretty pink adult baby diaper! I danced with her and we played dressup with all the dresses & fun heels mama had for her. then we invited some of her besties over and they all danced with me as well then we took pictures to put up on her facebook. yay!! Mommy Crissy’s sweet little sexy diaper sissy was so happy to spend time with Me and all her little sissy friends. When all her friends left Mommy and I had some alone time, we layed out a blanket on the floor and I gave her some very special attention. Sissy loved that she ooohed and ahhed over mommy. xxxxxxxXXCrissyXXxxxxxxx 1*888*430*2010
March 2, 2011

ABDL Hypnosis

Did you know that some of the mommies of Phoneamommy are certified as hypnotists? That means that some of these abdl mommies have been trained in the art of hypnosis. How wonderful would it be to speak to your Mommy and feel as if you could smell the baby powder and her perfume right under your nose? All of the adult baby mommies do calls involving fantasy hypnosis but some do real hypnosis. If you’re curious about what abdl hypnosis can and cannot do research hypnosis just a little bit before making your call. I even have one sissy boy that had a custom hypnosis audio made for him from me to help him in his sissy training. That is another option if you’re looking to be hypnotized and have it reinforced at any time you wish. Think about you, you may just fall in love with it. Mommy Shirley
February 11, 2011

Love Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you sweet little things. Being a single Mommy I surprisingly don’t miss Valentines from my ex husband . Do you know what I miss about Valentines Day? The cute little punch out cards that you give out in school and the boxes you made to receive cards in. Oh well, I sure hope that all of the babies here have one fun day. Valentines for grown ups isn’t nearly as fun as it can be for baby and Mommy. Mommy Shirley
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