October 31, 2013

Halloween Dress Up

Ok, I just had to laugh when I saw this!! That poor kitty – having to be subjected to dressing up like a spider for Halloween, LOL!  I bet you can relate though, huh?  How many times has mommy forced you into a pretty little sissy dress as part of your petticoat punishment, hmm?  And how about for Halloween? Is she insisting on dressing you up as a ballerina or a princess fairy?  Bet she thinks you will look absolutely adorable in pink and lace and ruffles!  Now now, you know better then to argue with mommy – after all, like I always say, Mommy knows Best!!     Maggie 1.888.430.2010
January 20, 2013

Petticoat Humiliation

  Sometimes, especially when I have a couple ABies around, the best way to punish bad behavior, is with humiliation. It’s a obvious, really. When you’ve got three or four ABies and one of them is acting out it can be a real problem. One naughty boy can lead the others to be naughty too, so I think its really important to nip it in the bud. How does a mommy do that, you ask? Easy, just a few key pieces of clothing. First, over that diaper, a nice ruffle panty, then two or three fluffy petticoats, and on top, a pretty little babydoll dress that lets everyone see all those ruffles underneath! And what sissified ABy would be ready to go without a dolly to hold and a pretty little purse to carry her lip gloss in. Just one sissified ABy is enough to keep them all in line, so be careful how you behave yourself with me! Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010
May 31, 2012

Petticoat Punishment: A Special type of Discipline

I try to be an understanding AB Mommy.  I try to be patient and sweet.  I really am a loving and tender ABDL Mommy to those Adult Babies that are well behaved and do as mommy tells them.  I don’t ask for much, really: don’t back talk, be kind and thoughtful to others, and the most important of all – do as you are told. Now from time to time I come across a little one who tests my boundaries and beyond.  They defy me at every turn, are mean to other little ones and quite honestly, are on the verge of becoming bullies.  This I will not stand for. So for them, a strong dose of humiliation is in order.  This particular brand of humiliation comes in the unique form for petticoat punishment.  Pretty pink dresses, layers of frilly petticoats, along with white anklet socks edged with lace and Mary Janes – everything girlie and pretty and feminine would be thrust upon them.  And the cherry on top of this special type of discipline is the wearing of diapers and pretty pink plastic panties (which is for use as well as for show). A month of being publicly paraded about as a pretty little baby girl is usually quite effective in driving out any form of defiance in the most unruly of little ones. So tell me, which one of you is in dire need of some petticoat punishment? Dommy Mommy Lexus
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