May 18, 2014


Such a naughty little stinky whore! Taking that silk pair of pantyhose out of my drawer and wearing them while you got all dirty looking at the picture’s of diaper girl’s. I think you need to scrub them clean after I finish spanking the life out of you, such a fowl stench you make! Hold still so I can swat your ass with my cane! Maybe now you will keep your hand’s out of my drawer’s and out of your diaper, Next I catch you I will bind your hand’s and ankle’s leave you out in the bad behavior shed! Veronika 1*888*430*2010
May 10, 2012

Stocking Fetish

    Like what ya see? You want a touch? There is nothing sexier, in my opinion than watching a woman prepare herself for an evening out. All the delicate details, from a long warm bubble bath, relaxing scents that fill the room, all the lotions and powders, to all her frilly silky clothing . Watching as she sits at the vanity carefully pulling on those exquisite silky-smooth stockings onto her long luscious legs.  It is very tempting to want to reach out and just slide your hand over her legs; to feel the smoothness of the stockings as your hand glides up over her calves and up between her thighs. You can no longer deny your stocking fetish, just the thought of them excites you to your very core. I do love being a women and the thought of guiding you in getting in touch with your feminie side. Perhaps I might allow you to touch or even try them on yourself but for now I am enjoying tempting you with them. Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
January 31, 2012

Silk Stocking Lover

Sitting in my bedroom sliding my stockings on when I notice from the corner of my eye you have walked into the room. Quietly and silently watching as I slide them up my long legs your mouth can’t close because you’re drooling so bad wanting to feel those silk stockings so bad. My poor thing he has such a thing for my silk stockings just can’t help himself can he. Maybe we can go shopping and you some of your own huh. Like I said maybe laughing I enjoy watching you drool wanting to just feel the touch of that silk between your fingers wanting to feel it on those fresh shaven legs oh I know you sneak into my room while I am gone and do this come a little closer maybe I will let you get just a tiny feel of these new silk stockings I just bought I might even have something special in the bag for you just never know do we young man laughing you so wanting these garters on also with these cute high heels.   Minnie         1-888-430-2010
March 8, 2011


  My, My arent we making a statement with these pantyhose! Why yes we are. Do you think you are sissy enough to wear them? I would love to see you try and pull it off.  Need some Sissy Webcam Lessons on how to be the best Sissy you can be? I would love to instruct you to be the Sexy Cross Dresser! Now be a good sissyboi and listen to Mommy Rebecca and rush out and buy your new slut wear rush back home to have your sissy lesson call and we will prepare you for your night on the town. with Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
December 31, 2010

Sissy baby needs Mommy

Poor sweet boy, you have spent so much time being tough and rough. What you really need now is for Mommy to give you the gift of feminization don’t you? Just let me rock you and bring out that baby girl that you’re hiding inside of your rough exterior. Not all sissies look like sissies, and Mommy knows just what you need. We’ll start with a cuddle and kissy time and then Mommy will dress you up in diapers and allow you to really let go and melt into your baby girl sissy self. Mommy Shirley
December 15, 2010

Giantess Mommy

I had my friend make me a potion to grow and grow. Every time my aby cries I would grow slightly. How was I to know he would have a fit and I would grow to such a size. Now Mommy will have to find a way for aby to grow so that she can take care of him. Imagine the size of that diaper though, and the contents of it. Shoooo it sure will be a terrible mess for all to smell. I’m sure that the looks of everyone around will make baby cry more and more. When will the growing stop though? Mommy Lexus
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