May 28, 2011

Panty Boy

You asked me what color my panties were. And so I told you. You asked me what kind they were. And so I told you. And then I paused. And I asked you… What color are YOUR panties? And you paused. “How did you know I was wearing panties!!!???” I know because you’re a little sissy, that’s how. You didn’t even have to tell me you were a sissy. I knew from the moment you said “hello” on the phone. How is that? Cause I am GOOD…Thats how! Jenna 1 888 430 2010
July 27, 2010

New Frillies

Yes sweetie Lily went shopping just for you my sweet come see what i bought just for my little sissy. Going to get to try these on and prance all over the livingroom floor dancing like i know you like to do.These are going to look adorable on you i know.Especially with these cute little stockings and bows  Lily might even have a cute little short dress and shoes and bows for you also thats if your a good little sissy. Think you are do you well i will have to check and make sure that room is all cleaned and the bathroom is done also.Oh you forgot to do the bathroom huh well now that is not good is it no special little treats for you my little sissy nope none at all.Guess its back to diapers for now is it not.Such a shame to maybe the next time you will listen and do what your told to do while i am gone. Lily
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