May 29, 2012

OTK Spanking Phone Sex

You have been waiting all day for your OTK spanking.  I told you when we were at the store that if you didn’t listen you would get one when we got home. But you still continued to act up.  You embarrassed Mommy so much with your out of control behavior, that you have given me no choice but to take you over my knee now that we are home.  You do realize that this spanking is only given because I love you, right? You know as well as I, that sometimes I have to spank you for other reason, think of them as gentle reminders given in the most caring and loving manner. You also know that Mommy loves to spank in general.  I wouldn’t be a good Mommy if I were not to discipline you once in awhile with a good ole fashioned over the knee spanking, or over the lap spanking. So now that we are inside, you need to come to Mommy and receive your OTK spanking. Lauren
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