March 28, 2014

Mommy’s Milk Phone Sex

Come here little one, I know you are so very hungry and craving what only Mommy can provide – deliciously sweet Mommy’s milk from my own engorged, swollen breasts.  I’ll hold you in my arms and bare my breast so you can start sucking that warm milk deep into your mouth.  You can feel Mommy’s pink nipple growing harder, elongating in your mouth as you take long drawls from mommy’s bosom; the weight and warmth of Mommy’s breast pressing against your suckling lips.  I know how good that makes baby feel. My hands are warm and comforting as they stroke your sweet chubby cheeks, then down to your little tummy, rubbing slowly in lazy circles.  I love the feel of your baby soft skin and those sweet little coos of delight you give as you nurse happily…   Call Mommy for delicious ABDL phone sex …   Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010  
January 20, 2013

Nursing with Mommy

Come here sweet ABie boy. Come crawl into mommy’s lap. I have your favorite blankie here so you can snuggle up close to mommy. Just lay back in mommy’s arms and I will feed you. I know you must be hungry. You can drink down all of mommy’s nice warm milk and take a good nap in your crib. Mommy loves lactation and nursing fantasy. It feels so good to hold my AB boy in my arms and give him love only the way a mother can. and for those big boys out there lactation can be very erotic. I mean we all know men love tits! lol So, no matter what your fantasy is mommy is here to provide. Just sit back and close your eyes and listen to mommy describe the scene for you. Soon you will start to feel your mouth water and may even begin to feel your belly warm as the scene over takes you. Just relax and let mommy take you to another time and another place where you are safe, warm, loved and taken care of. No matter what kind of scene you enjoy, I like to put as much of my own personality and like and needs into it. I like to make it feel as real as possible. and sometimes, you can actually get lost in the fantasy. I know I have. and it is a wonderful feelings. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
January 11, 2013

The Right Pacifier for the Right ABie

Sometimes it’s an odd thing – trying to find just the right pacifier.  Some are too small; some are too big; some just don’t seem to sit quite right in the mouth.  The goal is it to find one that both comforts and feels natural when seated in the mouth.   To that endeavor, lets examine a few things, shall we?  Do your thoughts always seem to go back to a time when you were nursing? Are you transfixed on the bosoms of women and mommies, wanting to nestle between those two voluptuous mounds of yumminess? Then perhaps pacifier number 1 is the one for you.   Or maybe what induces comfort for you is the strong embrace of a Daddy; knowing instantly that he is the one in control, that he, and not you, is the embodiment of masculinity.  One look from him invokes the need to please him; to serve him; to taste him.  For you, my dear, I think pacifier number 2 would be more appropriate.   As you can see, it can be quite enlightening when you match the right pacifier to the right ABie.     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
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