June 18, 2012


Yes sweetie i will be your auntie if that is what makes you a happy sissy baby i so enjoy roleplaying with you and dressing you up like a sissy baby and tucking you in and changing those diapers and giving you pacifer to quieten you down.When you get all fussy and whiny poor little sissy just doesn’t understand that this is the way life will be living here with me. Tucked away in the crib in the nursery with all the ballerina dancers dancing around the room on the walls as you watch them dance across the walls you seem to be put in the trance watching them so it quietens you down even more so.Your eyes gets tired and starts to close the bottle of milk i had given you earlier will help you rest sweetie Auntie will take very good care of you here at phoneamommy.com Doris 1.888.430.2010
April 29, 2011

Little Sissy Babies!

Nanny usually takes care of little boys, and I love them like they were my own. Sometimes, though, I wish I had some little girls in the nursery to play dress-up, have a tea party, and play house. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I settle for something just as fun: I dress my boys up. Once in awhile I will find a little one that delights in playing along. I love that! I have also found that some little boys absolutely hate being done up fancy. Well who would have guessed that something so harmless as ribbon and frill could be so effective in getting bad, rough and tumble little boys to behave? The threat of being all dressed up like that for Nanny’s amusement is all the more terrifying because you know that I will follow through. Behave, or we’re going to play what I want to play! Bad little boys, especially rough boys with bad manners, need to be taught some finesse and Nanny needs to have her fun. Your Naughty Nanny Ella
October 25, 2010

Haunted House

There’s a house upon the hilltop We will not go inside For that is where the witches live, Where ghosts and goblins hide. Tonight they have their party, All the lights are burning bright, But oh we will not go inside The haunted house tonight. The demons there are whirling And the spirits swirl about. They sing their songs to Halloween. “Come join the fun,” they shout. But we do not want to go there So we run with all our might And oh we will not go inside The haunted house tonight. By Jack Prelutsky Silvie
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