December 10, 2012

Doctor’s Office

Ya know what’s a fun game? Doctor’s office! You be the patient, and I’ll be the nurse. I have a little paper gown you can wear and I’ll wear my cute candy striper uniform! You lay down on the examination table and I’ll give you a physical. It’s important that we make sure that everything is working exactly right hehehehe. A little stimulation here and there to see how your responses are working. And of course, you’ll be needing a little cleaning out, don’t worry, I’ve done this a million times hehehe! We’ll put your legs up in stirrups and pull your little paper gown up. Now you be a good little patient and hold your peepee up while I slip the tube up your bottom. And just let yourself relax while you the fluid goes inside. Aww, does it make your tummy feel funny? Its ok, I’ll rub it for you. Once it’s all in, you be a good boy and hold it in for just a little while, then you can let it all go. You’ll feel nice and fresh and clean and ready for all sorts of other fun. It’s important we check that it worked. I’ll slide a probe in to make sure that little hole is squeaky clean. Wanna come play Doctor’s office with me? Just gimme a call and let’s start the game! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
January 3, 2010

GYN Sissy Exam

Mizz. Rebecca is doing exams on all you sissys. We need to begin the New Year right and first thing first, Line up and drop them pants. Then hop up onto my examination table. Now lie back and stay very still, my assistant will be administering the IV and checking your blood pressure throughout the procedure. Oh you find my assistant cute do you, your little wee wee is sure taking notice. Well if Mizz. Rebecca has any energy left after the oral exam, I might let you play with her – he is quite the slut *laughs* Now the Rest of you Line Up and Shut up, You’ll each have your turn! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
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