March 16, 2011

abdl Mommies | Happy Birthday Ladies

According to my records there are two very special abdl Mommy birthdays today. Dommy Mommy Lizabeth and Sweet ab Mommy Candy are celebrating their Birthdays today. I’m not as gifted when it comes to graphics as some of the Mommies here but I wanted to post this and tell these two fabulous Mommies that I hope they have a wonderful Birthday and all of their Birthday wishes come true. Be sure to wish them a good one when they change your diapers. Daddy Paul
March 5, 2011

ab diaper lovers

Not all of the visitors here enjoy playing with a daddy or male diaper lover and I respect that. In fact I tend to stick in the background and let the adult babies and diaper lovers that want to speak to me come to me. For those of you that are curious about having me as your Daddy know that I enjoy cuddling and diapering adult babies just as much as they love to be babied. I’m a versatile guy and have come to really like being in a diaper while talking to other male diaper lovers. So know that I may not post as much as the mommies or chat as much in the abdl chat room, but I love the adult babies and diapered sissy boys who call me Daddy Paul. Daddy Paul
October 1, 2010

Well Worn

Since I change a literal butt load of diapers I almost have a sixth sense of when is getting past it’s prime. The tale tale signs such as sagging and yellow stains and the all powerful smell there are a few other ways to tell. The wonderful fidgeting is one clue and if they are a good baby they can tell you all about what they did. So if you are on a play date and start noticing these telling signs better go and tell their mommy, daddy,or sitter because that diaper has been well worn. Daddy Paul
September 19, 2010

Lucky Me

I don’t know if I have told you lately how lucky I am to work with such wonderful people as I do. From top to bottom there is not a weak link anywhere along the line. From the nannies to the mommies to the sitters to the grannies the are the best you could ever hope to find. They are smart friendly ladies who know their business. So if you have the desire they have the knowledge and know how to provide the best experience for you. Daddy Paul
May 15, 2010

Bottoms Up

So this is what I walk into when I get home. Did you save that big mess up in your diaper for me to clean you dirty little boy? That looks like quite possibly the nastiest mess I have ever seen in one layer of diaper. Now head for the bathroom because you are going to need to be washed in the tub to get rid of that smell. Off with you clothes young man and daddy will wash you off and change you into the sweet smelling decent presentable little fellow that you can be. Daddy Paul
March 28, 2010


I was just sitting here thinking about life is run in a pack of wolves. There is an Alpha male and female that leads the pack and all others follow them in showing subordinate attitudes and loyalty. The lone wolf is one who has been cast off from the pack and has to find his own territory or he will be a target for the pack. Are you the Alpha one the subordinate or the lone wolf? In other word do you lead follow or make your own way. Daddy Paul
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