May 16, 2015

Hungry For Cock

    How long do you think it will take me to get you down on your knees like a sissy whore? How long before I have you deep throating that thick cock down your throat?  What’s that you say? You’re not gay?  By the time I’m done with you… You will be begging for cock. Candy 888*430*2010
August 4, 2012

Naughty Lacy

I try to be Daddy’s good ABy girl most of the time, but sometimes I am feeling naughty and I get myself into trouble. I just can’t help myself sometimes. The other day I found some candy in the kitchen, I knew I wasn’t supposed to have any but it just looked so yummy. I took it up to my room and started eating it on the bed. It was so yummy and sweet, but it got my sheets all sticky and messy. When Daddy walked in, he saw what I had been doing and the big mess I made in my sheets. I could tell by the look on his face that I was in big trouble and that I was gonna get a punishment. Daddy walked over to me and said, “What do you think you’re doing, missy?” I pouted and looked down at the bed. Daddy pushed the messy sheets out of the way and sat down. He grabbed me and pulled me over his legs with his big strong arms. “I sorry, Daddy!” I said starting to cry, I knew what was gonna happen. Holding me down tight, Daddy said “Now you hold still, you know what happens to bad girls, you know you’re not supposed to have candy, and especially not in bed.” He pulled my dress up and pulled down my diaper so my bare bottom was exposed. I whimpered, waiting for my punishment. Daddy’s spanks are firm and bite my bottom, making me cry and wiggle. He counted each spank, all the way up to 10. When he was done my bottom was bright pink and felt all stingy. I stayed over Daddy’s lap, sniffling and whimpering. “Now, now,” Daddy said, “It’s all over now,” he said as he rubbed my sensitive bottom. “Daddy has to punish you when you’re naughty, you know that,” he said in a soothing voice. After a spanking Daddy always rubs my bottom with my favorite lotion to make it feel better and gives me a big kiss for taking my spanking like a good ABy girl. It almost makes it worth being naughty! Diaper Girl Lacy 1.888.430.2010
July 4, 2012

wet bottom fetish

Mommy likes all sorts of fetish type’s but a favorite of mine is definitely  wet bottom fetish. I just can not get enough of that eeshy squishy, soaking wet sloshy,washy sound of a dripping wet diaper. These little legs rubbing together as they try to run from me and hide since he wet himself on purpose just so I will have to change him. The little abdl stinker think’s he has mommy in the palm of his hand. Little does he know I plan to let him sit and stew in his own juice’s ,ha-ha-ha let us see how he likes being in that drippy old diaper for another hour or so. Then when he is begging for mommy to change him just maybe I will think about it that is if he is lucky enough for me to feel that generous. he can stomp his feet all he wants to but I will not budge he is the adult baby and I am the mommy my rules are law in this land. Not even tears will get him into a fluffy fresh,dry diaper… My naughty little one. XXXXXXCrissyXXXXXXX 1*888*430*2010
April 4, 2012

Ab Mommy

Sexy and so entertaining meet one live Ab Mommy at So willing to do whatever you want and give you an amazing time while doing it. I can change diapers and sing you a lullaby. I can kiss your booboos and make them better. I can turn you on and make you howl with pure pleasure, come on AB light my fire. I will go out of my way to make sure you never forget the day of adventure you have with me. I could take you to a storybook land and make you my main character. I look forward to hearing from you my phone friend’s !!! Freaky sweet love bites, Crissy 1*888*430*2010        
February 7, 2012

Really naughty nites with Dommy Mommy crissy

I had the pleasure of talking with a very fun friend lets call him Vince and he was really into the Domme stuff and Mommy Crissy only more than happy to provide. Vince painted a nice,naughty scene which went as follows He came to my dungeon and I stepped into view clad in the most sexy shiny black corset and mini skirt with matching knee high stockings and heeled boots to match.  I stripped languidly in front of him and then when he was writhing with desire for me I walked over to him and silenced and subdued him and trailed feathered cat o nine tails down his chest and he moaned like a sweet little lady.. I decided to give him a treat for being such a willing slave. So I brought his willing lips to my left breast and as he suckled there I ran my hands down his pants. Vince was thoroughly enjoying his time with his Mistress and u could see by the smile on his face and the saliva dripping from the corner of his lips. I made him eat strawberries from my freshly pedicured toes. If you want to have some extremely hot and sweet fun with Mistress of the night dommy mommy Crissy call me anytime ,1*888*430*2010 whips and diapee kisses xxxxxxxxxxxx00000000
June 11, 2011

Naughty Nanny Games

Ella is here to babysit for you! Your parents are going out and I’m in charge for the night, but I have a feeling I’m going to be like no other babysitter you’ve ever had. This naughty nanny likes to get dirty with her charges. I can teach you a little game I like to call Curious George. Are you curious to what is underneath nanny’s blouse? Would you like to sneak a peek at nanny’s sexy titties? Would you like to touch them and play with them?  Nanny likes to play too – I like to explore what my boy has hiding in his diaper.  Aren’t you curious as to what your naughty nanny is going to do with her “special” toy? (that’s another one of nanny’s naughty little games, hehehe).  We are going to have such a wonderful time tonight playing all of Nanny Ella’s naughty little games, hehe!     Call your Naughty Nanny Ella for naughty strap on play and much much more
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