January 19, 2012

Lost Bet

So my guy (let’s call him M) didn’t realize just how naughty I would get when he lost his bet to me.  We always love playing our little games.  M is always so cocky, he loves to think he can always win.  Tonight, however was an entirely different story.  He told me I could do ANYTHING I wanted to him if he lost, so when I handed his ass to him 4 straight hands of poker in a row he was like a deer caught in headlights, lol.  I had been waiting for my opportunity, so I was more than prepared.   Let me give you a little background on M – he was always what you would call manly (which didn’t matter to me).  He commanded a lot of positive attention from his fellow male counterparts, as well as with the ladies.  I loved how manly he was, especially in bed.  However, as time went on I noticed that M was a little immature – especially when he didn’t get his way.  This made me want to treat him just like a baby.  Finally, one day he literally whined when I didn’t make him exactly what he wanted for dinner.  He sounded just like a little girl.   I took great pains to pick out the outfit I would use tonight.  A nice frilly pink sissy dress that would hang short on his tall frame was in order.  I hung it in the spare closet on a mannequin to make sure the crinoline wouldn’t flatten as I patiently waited for the just the right moment to spring it on him.  No detail was overlooked as I purchased all the things a little baby girl would need, including princess diapers.   Needless to say I had such delicious fun diapering and dressing up my little M and turn him into my “baby girl b****” *giggles*.   I always love a good, naughty role play like this.  I don’t always have to be the Nanny, I can be the conniving girlfriend that sets out to steal your manhood.  What a fun call – I  can’t wait to do it again! Ella 1-888-430-2010
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