December 31, 2010

Sissy baby needs Mommy

  Poor sweet boy, you have spent so much time being tough and rough. What you really need now is for Mommy to give you the gift of feminization don’t you? Just let me rock you and bring out that baby girl that you’re hiding inside of your rough exterior. Not all sissies look like sissies, and Mommy knows just what you need. We’ll start with a cuddle and kissy time and then Mommy will dress you up in diapers and allow you to really let go and melt into your baby girl sissy self.   Mommy Shirley
December 13, 2010


  Christmas in the city, Christmas in the town, Christmas in your ehart all year round. My Aunt used to have a pillow with that cross stitched on it, I may not have the words exact, but it is what I remember of it. I always liked that saying. So many people rush around to get into the Christmas spirit, myself included. It should be a year round feeling though. An all the time feeling of giving and of love. What do you all think?   Mommy Shirley
November 3, 2010

Wet Diaper Alert!

  Alert alert, wet diaper alert. Is it you? Is it your wet diaper? I think it is and I know you need to be changed. Who will Mommy get to help change your diaper? I think I will ask that cute lady right over there. The lady with the bright green eyes, I bet she would love to help me change my big aby’s wet diaper. Don’t you DARE wiggle off and embarrass me, because if you do I’ll make it even worse on you. You can suck on your pacifier while I explain to her how you came to be back in diapers.   Mommy Lexus
October 20, 2010

Sissy’s Holiday

  All of you little sissies should be very glad that it is Halloween time. That means more cute and sexy lil costumes for your girly side to find and buy. You can find them all year round, but only at this time of year can you buy them locally (for most of us anyway), and also get away with dressing up anyway that you like. I never had a little girl to make costumes for or dress up so since I discovered the world of ABDL and sissy boys my dreams of dressing up girls has come true. If you need any costume ideas I would be so very pleased to help.   Mommy Shirley
October 6, 2010

Another Bad Baby-Boy

Another bad baby-boy got sent to me or found his way to me. I asked him just what he had done that he had been unfortunate enough to be sent to me. Then I laughed because his eyes filled with terror. This bad baby-boy told me that he had been stealing his sister’s dolls,diapers, toys, anything he could get his gruby lil paws on. He insisted that he was a aby boy, and only stole baby-girl stuff because he had a sister and if he had a aby brother it would have been his things. We’ll never know if that’s the truth but I do know he was quite sorry when I got done with him. I forced into the stolen diapers and then put him in the corner while I decided what else to do to him. The outcome is a little too wicked for phone a mommy’s blog but he did learn his lesson.   Mommy Lexus
June 16, 2010

sleepy in diapers

  What is it about being diapered that helps you sleep better? The comforting effects of adult diapers are hard to deny. It makes for a better night sleep don’t you all agree? So what position is the most comfy? Curled up on your side hugging your teddy? Or do you like resting your head on a stack of pillows while laying flat on your back ?   Mommy Shirley
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