August 14, 2013

Our Captive Audience

  As the sedative begins to wear off, you realize you are in more trouble than you’ve ever been in before.  The hemp rope cuts into your wrists when you try to struggle, and it doesn’t take long for the anger to turn to shear panic.  Your bitchy wife is tied up next to you, screaming at you to do something.  And just what does the air headed fool expect you to do?  There’s nowhere to run.  We’ve made sure of that. The two of you are here to pay for your cruel actions.  A little taste of your own medicine should make you much more accepting of others, don’t you think? You see, I’m sick and tired of you being mean to my darling friend.  He’s done nothing to you, and yet you think you’re better than him.  You belittle him every chance you get, so today I’m going to even up the score. For every taunt, every cruel joke, and every teasing gesture you’ve aimed at are going to live out today. I’m his friend, his willing accomplice and his protector.  Today, you will pay for your transgressions, slowly and painfully, so that the lesson sticks with you. Sara
June 27, 2013

What happened to your super powers?

  You walk around with that chest puffed up, strutting like the cock of the walk, but Minnie was right about you, wasn’t she?  With a little help from Minnie, and that infamous paci, you were soon forgetting the act, weren’t you? All I had to do was flash a smile, bewitch you with my eyes and mesmerize you with a swish of my hips and in no time at all, the big manly super hero was melting like butter.  As Minnie and I continued to work you like a puppet on a string, you happily dropped that ridiculous charade of being a super hero.  In the blink of an eye, we discovered just what you hide under that cape.  That’s right, we exposed your pretty little fairy wings for all the world to see. You may think you can fight crime, leap tall buildings, and possess super strength, but you’re no match for Minnie and Sara!  It’s a well known fact that when the two of us get hold of you, there’s no turning back.  Think you can handle us both, together?  Why don’t you man up and find out…if you’re not too scared. Now, be a good little super zero and flap those wings for us.  We want to watch them sparkle in the sunlight.
May 29, 2013

Day Out With Mommy Crissy & our Sissies!

Mommy had such a great day today!  Mommy called her good friend, Mommy Crissy and said “Crissy, we need a day out.  Let’s go pop some tags!”  So with much excitement, we took our sweet little sissies shopping at our favorite Thrift Stores.  The giggles and squeals were ringing through the store as we pulled out so many darling outfits for our sissies to try on! Did you know that maternity tops can make the CUTEST babydolls?  Well, it’s true! I found so many pretty little things for Miss Sophie to try on, including some new patent leather shoes with a matching purse, a frilly little bonnet, a tutu and of course, a darling pink teddy bear to hug. Sissy Sophie made sure to model her favorite new tutu by twirling and hopping through the store, singing loudly “I love my mommy sara…she buys me pretty fings”.  Such a sweet little sissy!  I’m sure Mommy Crissy has funny memories and laughs that she’ll want to share about our outing today. We love taking our Sissies for a day out and I can’t wait to do it again! Mommy Sara Must be 18+ US & Canada: 1.888.430.2010 or  1.888.938.8382 Intl.: 011.1.714.442.2402 All calls discreetly billed as ‘ME LLC’ // Calls 1.99/min + 2.50 connection fee // Text sessions 1.49/min
May 23, 2013

A Day To Remember

Mommy’s been shopping for her pretty little sissy, and just look at what she bought you!  I can’t wait to see you wear it for all Mommy’s friends at the neighborhood cookout this weekend.  You’ll be the sweetest, prettiest little sissy there, and will have all the bois staring in envy. Widow Johnson down the street has invited her grandson and some of the GI’s from his platoon, and I can’t wait to see you dance and twirl in front of them, in time with the music of the band.  Imagine the looks on their faces when they see a sissy like you showing off your new dress.  But remember, no playing with the buff military men!  That’s for Mommy’s pleasure!  But, on second thought….if you’re extra good…I might let you ask one for  a sleep over.  I know just how we can thank these brave men for their service! Let’s make this Memorial Day the most memorable yet! Mommy Sara Must be 18+ US & Canada: 1.888.430.2010 or 1.888.938.8382 Intl.: 011.1.714.442.2402 All calls discreetly billed as ‘ME LLC’ // Calls 1.99/min + 2.50 connection fee // Text sessions 1.49/min
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