January 24, 2011

gagged sissy

Mommy has to have a few words with you young man. I know about how you spy on my boyfriend and I. There’s no point in lying to Mommy she knows all that you do honey. There’s only one way to solve this situation and that is to make you be a sissy girl. See I think you’re curious about things big girls do, but you’re too little for that just yet. The best place for you in in the playpen in your diapers. Then Mommy will know exactly where you are sissy boy. If you pout I will just put a binky in your mouth and strap it on, then what will you do hmm? Drool all over your big pacifier gag is what you’ll do. Mommy Shirley
November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The house smells wonderful and your family and/or friends are near for the holidays. Oh and there are football games and parades. Then after a day of gobbling up turkey and all of the fixings you can go out at ungodly hours and fight people for super low prices right? Just don’t you get into any trouble out there shopping or you’ll have a new Thanksgiving memory of Mommy taking care of business. Let’s hope the holiday spirit has you all on your best behavior. Happy Thanksgiving, Mommy Lexus
November 5, 2010

Stay Warm

Do you like relaxing in front of the fire as much as I do? It’s so soothing and relaxing just hearing it crackle and smelling the wonderful smell. Right now my house smells like pine (Incense) and just like a fresh fire. I could get your diaper on you and snuggle with you while we read a book together. How does that sound? I bet your tired little eyes would fall shut and Mommy would have to tuck you in right there. Momma Shirley
August 29, 2010

Baby Gone Bad

As you all know I do enjoy my role playing. So I got the rare chance to be a baby for a daddy. He said he wanted me to be an unruly abie and boy did I ever play it to the hilt. Messing my diaper and spilling stuff and some good old fashioned sassing. He was getting what he wanted and I was having a blast. Then came time for discipline uh oh. I was spanked very thoroughly and made to sit in my own mess, yucky, and my mouth washed out with soap. I think he enjoyed giving my punishment and I enjoyed playing the the bad boy. Thank you daddy for such a great night. Louie
June 30, 2010


What do you think happens to abies when they are sent to me? I listen to what their mommies say about how they have been acting. Some of the behavior is so bad it really astonishes me. Then after I have heard I will usually ask them why they are being naughty and not behaving for mommy. After that it’s time for their punishment. Now this is where it can get interesting. You see different things work for different abies. I’m not afraid to humiliate you to tears if it teaches you a lesson. I’m also not afraid to spank your bottom until you beg me to stop. Normally the punishment fits the crime. So what have you done to get sent to me? Mommy Lexus
June 18, 2010

Father’s Day

Mommies get a lot of praise and attention here. It is called phoneamommy though. Daddies deserve recognition too though. I want to wish everyone out there that is a Daddy,granddaddy, Daddy to Dogs or Cats or anything- Happy Father’s Day. You all are great and deserve a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend. So take it easy and watch whatever you want to on TV, drink your favorite cool drinks, let the yard work slide and enjoy yourself. Soon enough it will be back to same old same old so take this time for you. Mommy Lexus
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