December 13, 2009

Happy Holidays

This is a special Happy Holiday message from me to all those little sissies that like to suck on a guy’s candy cane for Christmas.  Not all sissies are into forced bi or strap on play, or bi fantasies, but some are.  And this my Dears, is just for you.  Wouldn’t you like to wake up on Christmas Morning to find him beneath your tree?  I sure as shootin’ would lol Mommy isn’t greedy she would share. Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010
November 29, 2009

Sissy Secretary

This, is a great idea.  Having a sissy secretary? Are you kidding me?  I could get so much more done!  I can see her, at her little desk, dressed pretty much in the fashion of the sissy in this picture.  I love how she is chained and shackled to her desk chair.  Can’t you just see yourself being the one in this position, me standing behind you making sure that you aren’t messing up, and if you do, I can simply bend you over the desk and spank you, or give you a strap on lesson lol.  Think about it. Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010
October 25, 2009

It’s The Great Pumpkin!

One of my all time favorite shows is on this week.  It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  This reminds me of my childhood.  My brothers and my sister would get excited when we knew Halloween was almost here.  Not only did it mean we got to see this show, but it signaled the start of the Holiday season for us.  If Halloween fell on the weekend the next day after we gorged ourselves on Candy, we would help my Mama get out all the Thanksgiving decorations.  I hope you were like me and have very happy holiday memories.  Enjoy and let me know what you did to celebrate. Mommy Lizabeth 1-888-430-2010
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