February 6, 2019

A Different Kind Of Punishment For Naughty Aby’s Part 1

Abdl Scientist Jenna sat back and smiled with glee – her invention was finally finished! It could revolutionize the penal system! Justice could now be handed down without having to incarcerate anybody …. well, not in JAILS anyway!  She just needed someone to test it out on. Shouldn’t be too hard; she simply put on her makeup and a short black dress, and headed for a bar. A couple hours later, she came back to he lab, bringing with her a short man who was half-drunk and sure that he was about to get lucky with the young researcher. When she opened the door to the lab, he stared about in confusion. “Huh? This ain’ no apar’ment,” he slurred.  “Quiet now, this is where I work. I forgot something and need to get it,” she explained, ading him in. “Wha…? You work here in a place like this? I didn’ know you was no geek,” he laughed. “What are you, an assistant? No girl is a scienist…” That removed any guilt Mistress Jenna may have felt about what she was about to do. She simply led him to the wooden chair in the middle of a circle. “Here. Sit here and wait for me. I’ll be back with a surprise for you.”  He leered at her as she sat, no doubt thinking all kinds of dirty thoughts with regard to the surprise. Oh, he’ll be surprised all right, Jenna thought, pressing the button to engage the different rays. “So here’s my plan, Johnny,” she said, looking for someone to explain it to and deciding her subject was the best choice. “Instead of sending people who screw up off to jail, we treat them as they act – like disobedient children. Shrink them down, make them grow up all over again. We can even control how long it takes to grow back up. Call me for Some Abdl Sex Talk! Jenna 888-430-2010 Or click Here to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #abdlstory #forcedregression #abdlsextalk  
May 16, 2015

Hungry For Cock

    How long do you think it will take me to get you down on your knees like a sissy whore? How long before I have you deep throating that thick cock down your throat?  What’s that you say? You’re not gay?  By the time I’m done with you… You will be begging for cock. Candy 888*430*2010
December 17, 2013

Humiliation of a diaperlover

  Humiliation of a diapered man is a very intense and fulfilling thing. He stand’s before me diapered and sniveling from all the sweet depravity I have put him through. He is powerless against his mistress the helpless little welp I make him squirm as I put him on my camera so his closest loved one’s can see just how worthless he really is.  He beg’s and plead’s for me to see reason and go easy on him and I cackle at him and continue making fun of his tiny ball’s and crooked peepee. He really does not know just how far I will go to bring him down!   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
June 30, 2013

More than just a Spanking

Someone just didn’t get the fact they couldn’t just come and go as they pleased they were to ask at all times if they could.But no they went on to work without one single word ah but i was waiting for him when he walked thru the front door what a nice big surprise it was also.He actually didn’t notice my truck out front which was funny oh the look on this slaves face was priceless.Especially when he noticed what i had in my hand then it must have dawned on him oops i am in deep trouble with my Mistress and that he was. I never said a word to him because he knew the routine he laid his briefcase down and started to undress i watched not saying a word no smile or anything no emotions showing but i could tell he was worried very much so.When he finished he walked into the dining area of his home i looked in there and shook my head he knew bad ideal so back he comes and stands in front of me and bends over and that is when his punishment begin.Now maybe next time he will ask permission.Sometimes spanking isn’t enough for some that’s when you resort to other measures. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
May 24, 2012

Mistress at home

I will be your mistress at home. After a long day at your office you can come home to me naked in a bubble-bath with 2 glasses of wine and a whole kit of very naughty toys and s&m trix of the trade. You enter and immediately remove all of your clothing. You are very in tune to what your Mistress wants. you walk in to where I am relaxing and you slip into the water with me only your bottom half . from your head to your waist is still showing for my viewing pleasure. I lean forward and take my time with my riding crop giving special attention to your nipples and chest. “More,please mistress.” you beg. I lay back and listen with delight to your pleas of lust. I snap my pretty manicured fingers and you immediately start to rub my shoulders. I am in femdom heaven. As you work your way down my back you ask permission to lay hands on my breasts and I give you that privilige. Oh how I love when I can relax in a bubble bath in my beautiful home and have such a caring sub to play with. Let me play with you next…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0000000000 yim:phonemommycrissy
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