May 30, 2013

Stinky Britches

Oh i smell something that is not so good i wonder what it could be hmm may have to do a really good search of the room to find it but i will baby knows i always find what ever it is stinking up this nice clean room.I wonder and look from one corner to the next i hear some giggling come from the corner of the sofa i dart my eyes toward the giggling knowing its you stinky britches i smile to myself  we always end up playing this game don’t we especially when you make messes in those nice clean diapers i try to keep on you.I pretend i am searching  really hard to find that smell you  look away and i grab you laughing right along with you. Oh what fun it is to play the game of hid-and-seek stinky diaper change Minnie 1.888.430.2010
December 22, 2012

Holiday Traditions

There’s something about sitting around the Holiday table with good food and good people and good conversation; a time to gather and share and laugh and feast on such wonderful food; a time to eat too much and drink too much and get too loud; a time for uncle George to unbutton his pants and tell the kids to pull his finger1; a time for aunt Gertrude to criticize how cousin Sally wears her hair and does her make up and cooked the sweet potatoes this year.  A time for arguments to break out over which team is going to win the game this year, which always ends in someone or something getting smashed.  Ahh yes, there is just something about the time honored traditions of the season…hmmm, maybe I’ll stay home this year and forgo the holiday tradition, lol!   Hope your Christmas is filled with all your Holiday Traditions (hope that includes filling your adult diaper, all you adult babies and diaper lovers alike)!     Maggy 1.888.430.2010 ___________ 1. wouldn’t it be something if they pulled his finger and instead of hearing him cut a big one, they hear/smell you make a messy adult diaper, heeheehee
June 11, 2012

Co-ed Dirty Diaper Blow Out

            So a friend of mine wears his diapers to his college classes often.  He really wants to get caught or so he has been telling me this for a while now and I suppose it is true when they say be careful what you wish for because last Thursday it finally came true! He had been using a lot of enemas and suppositories and stuff, so much of it in fact that it just messed up his bowel cycle. And while he was in his critical thinking class it happened he had a complete Co-ed Dirty Diaper Blow Out!  Of course he had his adult diapers on, but he said it just exploded in his diaper as he was sitting there listening to his professors lecture. It was a noisy blow out too! He said he just sat and looked down hoping no one would know it was him, but he felt as if everyone knew and were just staring at him! He could feel as it gushed out and filled the diaper. He said he could feel his face become very warm from embarrassment, he felt as though al eyes were on him, as if they were staring at him through binoculars! He could hear is squish around as he wiggled from side to side so he sat as still as possible, he as though he would faint. When class was dismissed he said she stayed seated until the room cleared out and made his way very carefully back to him dorm room missing the rest of this classes for the day. He had a full Co-ed Dirty Diaper Blow Out! So who is next? Who wants to experience Dirty Diaper Blow Out Humiliation?!?   Mandy 1_888_430_2010
May 7, 2012

Adult Baby Dirty Diaper Dream

I had the best dream last night. It was a world only filled with adult babies. It started out with Mommy Candy waking up to hear some crying, thinking it’s my AB. But when I walked out of my bedroom I kid you not there were adult babies everywhere! And they all wanted me to be their Mommy. So I fed them all, some are still hooked to breast milk which you can only imagine how sore that nipple was after all those AB’s got to it. So Mommy fed them, now I got to change them. I thought one poopy diaper was enough, but apparently not. There were dirty diapers everywhere! I had to empty the trash twice just for diapers and dirty wet wipes! It sounds like a lot of work but really it was the best dream ever. To wake up everyday and be the only Mommy left on the planet. So many adult babies to take care of. And I am their only mommy. I wouldn’t want anything more. So yes I was sad when I woke up. but then I remembered all of my sweet adult babies that I get to talk to everyday and it made me smile.
August 5, 2011

My Diaper Boy

You feel the soft warm diaper cover your bottom. It caresses you as I pull it between your legs. You smile happy to be clean, but I know you will soon wet your diaper. You enjoy the warm squishy feeling of the wet diaper on your little weenie; enjoying the way it caresses you, the way it cradles your little boy balls. You rock back and forth to feel it mold around you keeping you warm. When it gets cold you cry, you know Nanny will come give her diaper boy a new dry warm diaper whenever you need it. AB Nanny Ella
October 10, 2010

Mommy Knows What Happens When We Play

I love to hear your voice on the phone, the way you catch your breath when Mommy plays with you and your full saggy diaper. And you sit on my lap and let Mommy take care of you and your messy diaper in that very special way. I have always loved messy diapers, I am not sure why, but I have. It may have something to do with the person who is wearing it having this completely helpless look upon their face. There is something a bit submissive about that. Mommy Sue 1-888-430-2010
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