July 10, 2011

diaper changing ABie Mommy

Why do you deny yourself a diaper change sweet pea? You’ve done messed and wet that diaper to it’s full limit haven’t you?Now all you have to do is come and crawl yourself over to Mommy for a diaper change from her. I can smell that strong smell even though you’re hiding your face under the covers. Your puffy messy bottom is sticking right up in plain sight honey. Tell your Mommy what you need. It’s OK to poop your diapers and it’s OK to tell your Mommy so you can get changed. Mommy won’t get mad, unless you keep trying to hide it. Mommy Lizabeth mommy/baby roleplay, abdl Mommy, messy diapers, sissification, dommy Mommy  
April 2, 2011

diapered adult sissies

Just how wet are your diapers my sissy baby? Are they a little damp, are they soaked? Oh my are you leaking out of your diaper? Or has my sissy baby gone and messed their diaper? Is that your poopy diaper that Daddy smells? I can tell from your giggle that it’s probably messy and it’s time for daddy to check it so come to daddy sissy boy and let me see just what kind of shape your diaper is in. You know I love to change your wet and messy adult diapers for you and I know you love the special attention Daddy gives you too! Daddy Paul
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